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Link:'s Twitter:  @WeAreTryst’s Twitter: @WeAreTryst

Tryst was developed by Assembly Four, the creators of Switter! They recently launchd beta for Australia & New Zealand to showcase the profiles, features, designs, and additional resources.

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Worldwide listings

They’re in beta right now with Australia, but please sign up at the link below for early access when they announce the launch of listings for your country!

Tryst Early Sign-Up!

Tryst Escorts 

Viewers can now take a peek at the design of Tryst’s profiles along with their additional features such as escort resources, how Tryst supports the community with a Client Give Back Program and the Tryst Hardship Program for escorts not able to pay their ad on time. 

Read More: Tryst’s FAQ

Tryst escort ads

Below are listings of Australian escorts in Tryst’s first stage of beta!

 Tryst Escort listings for Australia

Tryst Escort listings for Australia

Tryst Escort Profiles

Lola Hunt’s profile!

Link: Lola Hunt – Escort Profile – Tryst

 Lola Hunt's escort profile on Tryst

Lola Hunt’s escort profile on Tryst

Assembly Four SW Activist Bombshell

The example I’m going to use is Lola Hunt! She’s an Australian SW and works with Assembly Four. 

The slideshow is her profile on Tryst.

Escort profile features

  1. Profile – Demographics such as the escort’s age, location, etc.
  2. About – Escort describing themselves 
  3. Gallery – A nice & big gallery of their photos
  4. Rates – Incall/Outcall specified along with additional info for the time length
  5. Tours – Travel schedule
  6. Availability – A list of the seven days in a week along with either a choice of Available or Unavailable that day
  7. Contact – Their contact info, their preference and any other helpful notes about contacting them.

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   Follow Tryst:  @WeAreTryst

Follow Tryst: @WeAreTryst

Fair Pricing Models — Benefits Everyone

Tryst isn’t out to make a quick buck from escorts. They plan on having affordable prices for high-end escorts & low-end escorts to promote their services.

low-income workers

The Backpage shutdown affected low-income sex workers BIG TIME. Backpage was cheap & cost-effective, so it was plentiful for most!

I could buy an ad on Backpage for $20 and make $1000.

— Jessi, Australian sex worker affected by American FOSTA/SESTA laws

Now, with expensive escort platforms such as Eros, that was a major hit to these low-income, especially those of a minority, since the cost of Eros ads are higher than Backpage. So, now where will these demographic of workers thrive? 

Hardship Program

Tryst plans to have a program for escorts struggling to pay for their ads to help them get back on their feet. This will help workers not worry all day about ad payments, so that they can also focus on solutions to alleviating these types of setbacks. 

Social Media

Tryst also plans to promote their ads on their Instagram, Twitter & Switter accounts for escorts listed on their website. Nothing wrong with extra exposure!

We believe that social media is a fantastic way to show clients who you really are.

—’s FAQ

Escort Resources

Tryst plans on having more than just ads. There will also be a page full of resources for escorts and a section of helpful SW created businesses in our community. 

Additional Features

It’s always nice when websites provide helpful stuff to the community since it can be hard at times to find a service such as lawyers that are SW friendly and such. So, this will be a awesome add-on.

Trans Escorts 

We cater to all genders.

— “What We Do”

Tryst discussed with trans escorts for their insight on developing a platform that respectfully promotes all genders.


In the past, I’ve seen some websites have slurs such as tranny. I remember when I made that giant list of advertising directories and I had them separated in sections. While making the section for trans escorts, I personally contacted a few via Twitter to get their opinion on an appropriate term for their section. All answered the same word: non-binary. 

I wanted to make sure not to offend anyone and to actually get a legit answer from the primary source themselves! 🙂


So, that’s pretty fucking thoughtful that Tryst is asking for their input to ensure that all genders are being presented fairly. 

   Follow Tryst: @WeAreTryst

Follow Tryst: @WeAreTryst

    Follow Tryst: @WeAreTryst

Follow Tryst: @WeAreTryst

Tryst Giving Back

We have implemented a 2 month grace period for workers who can’t make their end of month payments, to help anyone who needs it get back on their feet.


Tryst plans to help & support any sex work related businesses, organizations, etc. 

I Believe Them

Personally, they’re definitely going to keep the community strong by providing affordable ads that are beautifully done, by helping sex worker related entities thrive, assisting programs for providers seeking assistance, etc.
Assembly Four has already proven to me that they’ll always try their best to keep the digital age of sex work alive.

  • They built Switter in response to FOSTA/SESTA
  • Hours later, they developed Switter Listings after Backpage’s collapse
  • Cloudflare dropped Switter, but they quickly rose again
  • They dealt with a lot of negativity and harsh criticism (mostly from our own community btw) during its beginning stages, yet they kept Switter running as best as they possibly could

Personal Rant

 Image courtesy of  Tryst

Image courtesy of Tryst

Australia has kicked ass in trying to keep American escorts visible on the web. They created Switter & Crockor. They’ve been helpful free venues for most. Don’t forget when Australian escort agency, Available Angels, even made a space dedicated for American escorts to post an ad on their website.

Any Australian SW reading this, please know that this American SW will NEVER forget this.


The Ethical Advertiser for Companions

This platform alone has the ability to help our community thrive immensely. 

diversity, income, who cares you’re an sw

Tryst plans to include all demographics of sex workers to ensure that their voices are also included. Sex workers are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, and that’s the beauty of them. They need a platform that showcases all the numerous looks, interests, personalities that create this beauty.

The price of an escort’s services doesn’t determine their worth. They’re all worthy, and they all deserve an affordable, provider-friendly advertising space that doesn’t have an agenda to scheme.


   Follow Tryst:  @WeAreTryst

Follow Tryst: @WeAreTryst

Tryst can transform the digital age of escort advertising. 

Providers are at high risk of money hungry, salivating, thirsty thieves on the prowl for their dollars. Some even have the audacity to make false claims about their venue to make it seem like it’s safe, secure & superior! Then, most platforms are vile to providers and rude. Some venues will even steal their ads from other websites. 

A provider owned & operated that’s highly reputable platform could help squash most of these cons quick. There will probably be resources available about which venues are provider friendly and which aren’t. The rest of the other reputable non-provider owned venues would be helpful for extra exposure, of course. 


Tryst actually took time out of their day to discuss with escorts in the trans community on ways to make sure they’re being promoted in a respectful way. 

All genders will be treated equally on Tryst. 


Providers can deal with financial hardships. Then, they can’t pay for their ads to help them get work to pay for these mishaps. 

Tryst plans on implementing a program to help providers get back on their own feet while helping to pay for their advertisements.

Helping a struggling provider move up towards advancement also helps the community thrive. 


Tryst will also include resources for escorts such as laws pertaining to their area, SW friendly lawyers, photographers and also SW owned businesses. 

All the helpful information will be right there conveniently in one place!

Ethical Advertiser?

Yes, indeed.