The Erotic Review Indictment

The Erotic Review Co-Conspirator

In order to create “huge brand awareness”, The Erotic Review (TER) allegedly traded ad space with Backpage. 

…involved a quid-pro-quo deal with the site Erotic Review, on which customers posted consumer reviews of prostitutes and prostitution services.

— AVN, New Indictment: BP Bosses Schemed to Corner Sex Ad Market

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New Indictment: Backpage Bosses Schemed to Corner Sex Ad Market

Online Adult Entertainment & FOSTA

This is important news to the community, especially those who used The Erotic Review (TER) to either advertise or seek services. 

TER being mentioned in AVN’s article regarding Backpage’s newest indictment, isn’t good! 

Post FOSTA and the legal issues relating to the digital escort industry just keep piling on, and sadly, it will probably get worse as time goes on.