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Sometimes in April

April 6, 2018

Many of us remember the Backpage was shutdown like yesterday. To this day, the detriment from this event continues for those who heavily relied on BP. Many are struggling to pay for expensive ads on other platforms, losing their access to screening, losing advertising avenues to shutdowns, and they are also at higher risk to pursue street walking as a last resort. Homicides and violence towards sex workers have increased since the demise of Backpage, and the birth of new laws: FOSTA/SESTA.

The Rise of Switter Listings

 Hours after Backpage closed, Switter launched its listings feature 
Hours after Backpage closed, Switter launched its listings feature 

After the crumble of Backpage, our friends in Australia, aka the creators of Switter, heard our cries down under and they acted quick!
They immediately responded to this crisis by creating a free advertising avenue for sex workers:
Switter Listings

Explicit Advertising

The #swlisting feature is still relatively new, yet it quickly brought back the old do’s and don’ts in online adult advertising.

Numerous ads openly advertised straight up sex. All the acronyms, all the positions, and all the fixins were added to make a raunchy ad even more provocative! The negative effects of having no certain guidelines, structure, etc. quickly escalated throughout Switter’s listings.

Complaints Here & There

Many complaints were sent to the Switter team; however, people have to remember that the Switter team is minuscule compared to the 50,000+ users that now peruse the social media website.

Don’t forget that they’re also developing this platform for us for F R E E.

 Switter's past host, CloudFlare banned the sex worker social site (yet Stormfront is still going strong)
Switter’s past host, CloudFlare banned the sex worker social site (yet Stormfront is still going strong)

Let’s not forget when CloudFlare randomly shut down Switter. The team had to scramble and quickly bring the website back to life. 

Review Rumors

Rumors of reviews quickly speculated throughout the Switter realm. Switter was rumored to be launching a new review feature in the future for clients to write about their personal time with providers. 


The review allegations were false, and reviews can get users banned!

 Reviews highlighted for emphasis on Switter's Banned Forms of Conduct
Reviews highlighted for emphasis on Switter’s Banned Forms of Conduct

new rules for reviews

Switter was going to allow reviews, but only for providers who requested them.

Reviews are officially banned as Switter doesn’t want to deal with all the legal issues regarding reviews along with their past negative impact on many providers.

 Switter announcing via Twitter about no reviews
Switter announcing via Twitter about no reviews

 Toot of mod enforcing Switter's no review policy

strict no review policy

The mods take the no review policy very seriously, and users will be asked to remove any form of reviews on the platform.

Switter’s Forum Rumors

Some were saying that Switter was going to separate their forum. There would be a private forum for all providers and another private forum for all clients, but this was indeed false!

The forums were originally just another venue for more communication, but with verified providers & clientele. 

Switter no longer has forums.

Switter’s New Code of Conduct

The Switter team worked diligently to clean up the ad space on the instance since we’re the only instance (that I know of) on Mastodon with adult-oriented material & suggestive themes. 

Switter launched a new Code of Conduct along with new rules for Listings.

 Switter's Code of Conduct shortened 
Switter’s Code of Conduct shortened 

Switter Listing Rules

Rules were finally created to stop the obscene ads from being tooted & boosted all throughout the Fediverse for everyone to see! No guidelines and no limits!

 Switter's new rules for their listings
Switter’s new rules for their listings

Mastodon & Switter

Personally, I don’t judge those that post explicit ads. (I’m guilty of boosting some bad ads ha) In the end, you do you, I do me.

The problem is if the obscenities keep up, there’s a pretty big chance that our beloved Switter instance will get banned from Mastodon. Law enforcement will also be interested if the raunchiness continues. (LE is already interested, but they would be more interested and visible if the obscenity goes on) So, please. Let’s keep our Switter haven for as long as we can!

Ungrateful Providers

You need to redirect your ungratefulness to the numerous directories that deleted all of their USA/American entertainers. You need to be more upset at those who simply wiped us away as if we were nothing to begin with.

Those directories easily deleted any & all information about us. Meanwhile, the Switter team (they’re Australian, btw) is working hard to keep American escorts online & thriving. Again…


But some American providers still can’t appreciate Switter’s efforts…