Scraper sites are websites that copy content from other websites by web scraping. It’s seen a lot with escorts and their advertising. They’ll post an ad on one website, and then it appears on another site (the scraper site) without their knowledge. These websites tend to attract an abysmal clientele. It’s best if a provider has more than one source of contact information in their ad because if they only have their phone number, then clients will search it. Sometimes their number will show up in search engine results with these annoying sites.

On Alexa, I was able to use the ‘Audience Overlap Tool’. This tool shows me websites that are similar to each other. Yesterday, I removed some websites from the ‘Classifieds/Directories‘ page when I saw that they were grouped with scraper sites. 
Escort Babylon is a notorious scraper site, so I’ll use it as an example with this handy tool.

 Alexa's Audience Overlap Tool

Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool

 Alexa's Audience Overlap Tool

Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool

When I hover over ‘’ it shows me websites that are the most similar to it. The sites are:
Erotic Monkey
My Scarlet Book
CA Escort Club
Companions Reviews
Another Escort Babylon that ends with .net
Secret Benefits
Cheating Cougar

I also have another list of similar sites to Escort Babylon from the ‘Site Overview’ tool on Alexa:

These websites are best to be avoided.

 Alexa's Audience Overlap Tool

Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool

Back from the second image, when I hovered over ‘’, it highlighted the sites that were similar to it. So, the image above shows what happens after I click on ‘’. 

We are now presented with three diagrams of websites! 

The diagram to the left are full of scraper sites! Please take note of these websites. It’s also best to avoid posting ads to sites that were similar to Escort Babylon. I removed the ones that were previously on my list since I am just now receiving this information. 

The diagram to the right are the mainstream advertising websites such as CityVibe, Eros, ECCIE, The Erotic Review, etc. These websites are ok, but please be aware that your ad can be scraped anywhere. The one I have an issue with is My Provider Guide because I had problems with it. Other escorts are welcome to email me about it. There are also two websites in bold. These sites are Erotic Monkey and My Scarlet Book, and they’re in bold because of their similarity to Escort Babylon. 

Now, the diagram at the bottom right are the websites that are most similar to Escort Babylon. 

Many people don’t know what a scraper site is, so hopefully this informed them. Aside from scraper sites, be wary of the internet in general when it comes to posting information.


1. Filling out a complain through Cloudfare, a company that providers Internet security, is one possible solution. Fill out the form here:

Cloudfare – Submit an Abuse Form

Others have suggested filing a Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown. You can file one through Google, and I have a link for a generator to produce a DMCA Notice.

Google – Copyright Removal

DMCA Notice Generator

2. If reporting these websites doesn’t help, then providers can put on their website that they advertise through certain websites, and that the other websites that scraped their info are misleading.

Protecting Your Media

A watermark is a mark embedded in media such as videos, images audio, etc. It’s used to show ownership of the copyright of the media. Watermarking your photos takes an extra amount of effort, but there a ton of added benefits:

  1. It’s harder for other people to steal your photos without giving you credit.

  2. For sites that scrape images (scraper sites article here) they can get rid of text in your ad; however it’s much harder for them to strip/crop your watermark out depending on where you are putting it. You can also include your website and or phone number in the photo. So, no matter where your content get scraped your brand is still getting out there.

  3. It provides greater assurance to clients that the photos are actually you. If you advertise on Backpage or other sites that don’t provide verification, this can help immensely with getting more traction on your ads. Especially now that Backpage basically limits you to a phone number.

How to Add Watermarks

If you have Photoshop you can do watermarks for there.

You can also add them with a cheap online services like this one:
U Mark Online

They also have apps and computer software to bulk watermark as well:

Special thanks to my friend James! He’s great help for anything related to digital marketing.