Erotic Monkey is a notorious scraper site.

Some say it is great marketing; however, there are many in the community who receive false reviews and other horrors from this website. If you’re on this website, and want to be off of it, then try these methods! This was originally posted on Twitter. View tweet.


Erotic Monkey is hosted in a “Cloud Network.” This means that the Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) associated with EM is hidden. So, this can make it even more difficult to remove the content.
Cloudflare has a form you can fill out to report stolen content. View here.

A few notes about this form:

  • You have to list the website, and the website’s email address. 
  • On the ‘Address’ section, just make up something because it’s not related to your stolen content. 
  • Removal will take 2-3 days, but with Erotic Monkey, it’s strongly recommended to fill out and submit this form 3 times.

Email EM

Create a new group email and all the two following recipients:

The second email address is EM’s hosting site. Be sure to stay persistent emailing these two as well. They’ll soon resolve it!

Others say that emailing EM worked for them. So, you can try this as well. If it doesn’t help, then hopefully the Cloudflare form mentioned in the beginning will.

Content Removal From Other Scraper Sites


Sending an email is helpful when removing your content from other scraper sites that aren’t hosted on a Cloud Network. These websites are rerouted via multiple firewalls, so that’s why the email addresses listed on #2 in the list below are your recipients.

  1. Google search yourself to find all websites that have your stolen content.
  2. Take note of these websites and their links to the pages with your content.
  3. Create a new group email message, and list all of the following addresses as recipients:     [email protected]
        [email protected]
        [email protected]
        [email protected]
        [email protected]
        [email protected]
        [email protected]
    (these scraper sites are rerouted via multiple firewalls, and this is why you need to email GoDaddy and the others listed)
  4. After listing the recipients, in the body of your email, state that your content was stolen, and you want it removed. 
  5. Add ALL of the links from your Google search that contains your stolen content to your email’s body as well!
  6. Finally, send the email.


  1. You’ll probably get an email from the recipients saying that the issue has been resolved. 
  2. It usually won’t be resolved, so do a follow-up email.
  3. In the follow-up email, add all the emails listed in #2 as recipients, use the same wording as your first email, but be sure to add that your content has not been removed!
  4. The links/addresses with your content will be deleted within 2-3 days.

Final Notes

After waiting 2-3 days, do a Google search of yourself just to make sure everything is removed. Be sure to place a copyright immediately on your website!

Again, this originally was a tweet by Felicity Harte. View here!