FINALLY, We Have Some Good News! SB1204

SB1204 Failed Passage

The new SB1204 was a bill intended to make pandering a felony. It would change the penalty from a 6 month misdemeanor to a 12 month misdemeanor. Any form of speech that ‘encourages’ or promotes sex work was also criminalized under this bill.


The original sponsor of the bill (OC D.A.) dropped their sponsorship because the bill no longer does what it originally set it to do.

— Lorelai Lee via Twitter

Lorelai Lee posted all the juicy details about this grand event:

Hi guys, I want to emphasize some things about #SB1204: The bill the committee is currently considering has been stripped of all the original elements of the bill. The original bill absolutely died last week. The new SB 1204 does not expand the definition of pandering. I am guessing that the bill’s author is only pushing through this gutted version of her bill in hopes that voters won’t look closely at its substance.

Last sentence italicized for emphasis because it’s so true. Just another sneaky little bill masquerading as something helpful; however, look closer, and you’ll see its true detriment.

Lorelai Lee’s #SB1204 Twitter Thread


   SWOP Sacramento
SWOP Sacramento

SWOP Sacramento had a huge part on this along  with numerous people in our community. It’s awesome that we’re making an impact in our own industry. It says a lot.