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This page was last updated May 31, 2018.

Your Discretion

Your privacy is important, your info will never be shared, etc. I know you’ve seen it before on other websites, and it’s true. We respect our clientele’s privacy!

However, I’m going to go a bit more in depth with my approach to privacy.

+ Europe’s GDPR

If you notice my new announcement regarding cookies, their use and such, it’s related to the GDPR. GDPR’s main goal is to modernize privacy laws within Europe.

How I Analyze Your Data

+ Cookies

Cookies are pieces of small text that’s sent to your browser whenever you visit a website. So, when you enter my website, it begins storing cookies on your computer. Cookies give certain information that you provide as you navigate between the pages on my website. They also help analyze how the pages are being used, and track the page’s performance. Cookies help me give you the best experience of my website since you’re giving me information that interests you.

Manage Your Cookies

+ ProtonMail

I highly recommend ProtonMail!

Emails are instantly end-to-end encrypted when I receive emails from other ProtonMail users. This means that only the recipient and I can read our messages. Third parties can’t see or read our emails.

When I receive emails from non-Protonmail users, the first email they send me won’t be end-to-end crypted since their provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) can also see our email. Now, to make our email end-to-end encrypted, I’ll respond with an encrypted email that can only be opened with a password that I created. Password hint will be available.

Note: non-Protonmail users will not be asked to download any other software upon receiving the encrypted email. The email will also be automatically deleted after 28 days.

When I send an email to non-Protonmail users, it can be end-to-end encrypted when I encrypt it with a password.

I have several ProtonMail email addresses, but they’re all linked to the same server. So, no matter which one you email to, I’ll get it!

+ SafeOffice

SafeOffice is encrypted and hosted offshore in Cyprus.
I use it for my schedule when keeping track of appointments, tours, etc. I store my contacts in here which include my clients. I only keep record of your name & hobby email for future reference.

My SafeOffice email is for bookings, and it’s linked to my main ProtonMail account. So, I’m quickly notified by ProtonMail whenever I receive an email in Safeoffice.

+ JotForm

JotForm stated about data privacy:

We respect the privacy of our users and the privacy of their client data. All user information contained within the forms users may build on the JotForm Site are governed by our Terms of Service. Users retain all rights to their data. We will not sell, share data. We will not access their data for non-administrative reasons.

Your data is stored on their European servers until I view it & delete it. Due to a recent event, your IP (Internet Protocol) Address is stored with your form submission to prevent multiple submissions. Your IP is deleted after screening. All of my forms are encrypted to further protect your info.

Email Validator
On some of my forms, you have to verify your email. Particularly your professional email. The validation email is sent from JotForm, so your email won’t be linked to anything peculiar! This a quicker way to prove ownership. I further prove its legitimacy while screening your submission.

SMS Confirmation
You have to confirm your phone number as well on my some of my forms. The confirmation code is texted to you from a burner number. Again, it’s not linked to anything as well.

+ Phone Number

Please have the Signal or Dust app.

If you prefer texting, then the only place that I will be storing your number is my phone, not my database.

After our encounter, I will delete your number in my phone. I’ll tell you this beforehand as well. Then, I’ll keep your email, name & any other necessary details to help me remember for future reference.

Note: My 702 number is for my ads. After screening & booking, I provide my number for verified clientele.

+ Squarespace Analytics

Primarily used for marketing purposes.

I use Squarespace Analytics to track my which websites my traffic comes from, which of my pages are the most viewed, which keywords were used via Google and via my site search, etc.

If you get banned from my website, then that’s the only time I keep record of your IP Address. Squarespace Analytics deletes older IP addresses and other statistics everyday from months ago to keep things running smoothly.

+ Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics primarily for their advanced tools to where I can see where visitors leave, how many visitors are on my site right now, etc.

+ Signal

Encrypted app for texting. Please either have this or Dust.

Messages are deleted automatically after 28 days.

+ TxtSignal

The app for my Weekly Availability text.

Your number isn’t stored on here. I get notified when you text the PHXX code, but I don’t see who you are since I purposely chose not to keep your number as a contact!

This app is strictly for clients who are looking to book want wanting to know when I’m available during the week.

+ McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is a trusted for keeping computers safe from malware and other viruses.

My safety seal is to further protect your sensitive information and my website.

+ Other

Non-disclosure forms are also available.


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