Privacy Policy

Privacy is the best policy.



Discretion is vital.

Personal info is only shared when: 

  • I'm given a reference.

  • I feel that a person is suspicious.

If none of the above relates to you, then your personal & sensitive info is for my eyes only for verification purposes. 

NOTE: Most of your information is deleted after verifying. I only keep name, number & preferred contact email for any future reference. I discard this info after 6 months, so keep that in mind if you plan on using me as a reference!



  • I'll only text if you text first.

  • If you text me, and I don't respond, I either passed my '10 minute' rule, or your text was vague in general!

  • Phone numbers are just added in for verification for me, but I know certain clients prefer texting.

  • Your phone number will be saved on my phone, and in my secure offshore database for about 6 months.


  • My favorite form of initial contact!

  • Your contact email will be verified as well; furthermore, if you proceed with proof of your employment, your professional email will strictly be used for verification only and it will be quickly discarded when I finish verifying.

  • Your contact email is stored for any future reference for roughly 6 months.

    • So, if you use me as a reference 2 years later, I probably won’t remember you and then your contact info will no longer be saved for me to check, FYI.

Third Party

  • Squarespace Analytics - This is used to track my web visitors. Visitors are analyzed by their source of traffic, their location, the device they're using, what page they are on, how long they were on that page, how many pages they visited and which pages they were on.

  • JotForm - I use this for my booking form. JotForm has stated in their Privacy Policy, that the information submitted to a user thru their forms is for the user’s eyes only. Upon submission, your info is stored on JotForm’s European servers until I have I chance to verify. I then permenantly delete your form submission, and I only keep your name and your preferred phone number & contact email in my secure offshore database for about 6 months.

* Non-disclosure forms available for scared clients.