This page was last updated on August 6, 2018.

 P411 announced it's becoming a verification site in 2019.

P411 announced it’s becoming a verification site in 2019.

Preferred 411

P411 just recently announced that starting in 2019, it will no longer be an advertising space for companions nor will clients be able to use P411 to book companions.


P411 is strictly becoming a verification tool with no more advertising from companions. 

The new features for P411 in 2019 will include comments for both companions & clients to read and write about one another. 

Clients & companions can then share their profiles to help with the screening process.

New Changes, New Websites

P411 is a great tool for many; furthermore, I made sure to give past clients the free trial before P411 ceased new applications. P411 is a useful tool for clients to verify companions, and many companions used P411 for advertising. 

Many are upset about P411’s announcement, but I don’t see any harm in it.

I mean, think of all the new advertising venues and websites that have appeared after FOSTA passed!

2018: The Year of the Sex Worker

The industry is changing swiftly via the internet, and these changes are slowly progressing our community. We now have websites that were created by providers and many of the new sites are also very provider friendly. I remember how many of us boasted about how we should develop a provider created advertising venue since many of them are notorious for being rude to SWs. Now, we have that with some of these new websites.

We should take advantage of these new venues, and support them as best we can!