No Switter Client Yet?

Providers & Switter

Many providers still haven’t had any luck with promoting on Switter. I hope these few tips can help with booking their first Switter rendezvous. 


Switter is a social network! Providers can definitely use the social aspect to their advantage when trying to attract clientele.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is built when a provider interacts with others. Frequent and occasional interactions can help drive more and more potential clients to becoming aware and even familiar with a provider’s presence.


Providers can interact by joining a conversation on their timeline that sparks their interest with their own opinions, or they can ask a question to their followers and stem a new ongoing discussion. Discussing with others can entail: 

  • How a provider interacts with others
  • What topics interest them most
  • Learning more about the industry from provider’s point-of-view when there’s an industry related discussion

Pin the Best Toots

People constantly check our profiles everyday, and providers need to make sure that they have their best content viewed first via their pinned toots. Toots that need recognition:

  • Eye-catching and sexy photos
  • A banner promoting tours or events
  • Past favorite & popular #swlisting of yours
  • Your favorite quotes, accomplishments, etc
  • An introduction. 

Providers can also continue showing off past toots that were favorable with many boosts and favorites. Pinning these will keep them receiving more attention from their audience. 

Content Distribution

Brand engagement is a major factor in marketing. Providers posting content such as pictures will stimulate interest.

Providers should take note of which times of the day that they receive the most attention such as boosts & favorites from followers. Then, providers take advantage of their most popular times by posting new content since this will be when their content gets many toots & boosts. When another provider boosts this content, then their following will become aware of the provider! This will heighten a provider’s presence within the Switter realm and hopefully attract more potential clientele.

  • Post new content at peak times
  • Boost & favorite other providers content
  • Gain more visibility to be seen by potential clientele

Occasionally posting new images can build within their audience trust since the provider is displaying their day-to-day appearance is real. Fake images have been a big problem with clientele seeking providers in the industry. Providers can also post an ad with fresh content every day as well. Maximum number of ad posts are 3 in a day. 

 I created this image for one of my favorite quotes with Canva.
I created this image for one of my favorite quotes with Canva.

Content doesn’t have to always be images of the provider, providers can even post memes, images of quotes and other creative designs that displays more interesting details about them. 

Client #ISO Search

Many clients are still lost on how to find providers, but more clients everyday are getting the hang of how to find a provider.

Clients have recently been demonstrated on how to create their own version of a listing with the #ISO hashtag. ISO stands for In Search Of. Use the search feature with these 3 keywords:

  • #ISO
  • #Client
  • #location with their location

This can help providers see if there’s any local clients searching for a local provider.

Note: If no luck with these keywords, providers can search the names of any boards or websites they were on. Popular choices are: #ECCIE #TER #Nightshift #TNABoard #P411 #Whitelist (from TER), I’ve seen clients use their whitelist status as a hashtag. Be sure to add #Client along with the board name. Providers can broaden their location by using their state or other nearby cities as keywords for either location. I gave clients similar tips as well on how to broaden their search if needed. Thinking outside the box with searching can usually helps!


Hopefully some of the above will help a provider into getting more business via Switter.