You asked. I answered!

+ You haven’t responded to my email, text, etc?

It was either vague, explicit or a frequent question:

My Contact Form

My rates

+ Best way to contact you?

Email is preferred! My contact form and texting are fine also.

+ Expectations

Look, I like to give a good first impression with no false pretenses. I’ll try my best to be on time and upon meeting me, if you’re feeling nervous, you won’t feel that. My laid back attitude will help you relax for sure. I’ll be interested in getting to know you more. I enjoy seeing my clients and others as people I can connect with. That’s important to me. Then, I’ll dress up in some eye-catching attire known to cause reactions.

Laughter will definitely be shared too. Sense of humor is a must! 🙂

I do not discriminate against ethnic backgrounds, age, gender, disabilities, body type, etc.

+ Do you do (insert fun activity)?

I can assure you customer service is of the highest priority. Asking specifics is not necessary. You will be treated right and in your preferred fashion.

Only verified clientele have access to

my list.

+ Do you need a lot of notice?

24 hours notice preferred, and at least 4 hours notice for same-day meetings. The quickest way to screen for same-day meetings is with employment info via my form!

+ Do you turn down clients?

Yes. I’m not for everyone, and everyone is not for me. I can be quite selective.

+ Why this profession?

I’m saving up for my final year at school. Marketing major. It’s all working out well! I haven’t been in this for long, but I have definitely learned a lot about myself, the people I meet, the people I’ve healed, the people I’ve helped out of misery, etc. In my young life, none of my previous jobs had ever made such an impact on others & my environment. I feel nothing but gratitude.

With the recent changes and all, I also feel like my colleagues and I are making history in a way. The way that most of us came together during that monstrous domino effect proved that we’re invincible even when our resources are scarce. So, while they (authority) talk of fighting us, we silently keep fighting them back.

It’s nice belonging to a group of individuals who are unstoppable, really.

+ Are you discreet?

Your privacy is important to me. I would appreciate the same from you as well. When a client wants to stay in touch, that’s when I keep information.

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