ScreeningMate Account

In order to edit your bookings in ScreeningMate’s booking system, users will need to use their login information from ScreeningMate and apply it to Karma Screen.

 ScreeningMate Username & Password

ScreeningMate Username & Password

 Karma Screen login

Karma Screen login

Karma Screen is the system where providers edit, screen and verify their clients. 


If you’re new to ScreeningMate and Karma Screen, let me show you how it helps with screening.

Client Appointment Notification

 I'll be using myself as an example :P

I’ll be using myself as an example 😛

First, Karma Screen will notify you when a client makes a booking via your ScreeningMate form. 

You can choose to be either notified via email or text. Clients will have the option of either notification via email or text as well.

In the notification, you’ll receive the client’s name, email address & phone number. Clicking on the View Details button will take you to your Karma Screen account and give you more info about your potential client. 

Client Details

 Karma Screen account dashboard with a new client booking.

Karma Screen account dashboard with a new client booking.

On your account dashboard, you can accept, cancel edit or delete the appointment. 

Edit Appointment

 Karma Screen  Edit Appointment  pop-up

Karma Screen Edit Appointment pop-up

If you need to make changes to your client’s booking, clicking Edit will create a pop-up for you to edit the date & location if needed.

Cancel Appointment

Clicking Cancel will inform the client of the cancellation. You’re welcome to put a reason, but it’s not required. You can also send a message from your dashboard to the client regarding the cancellation.

Delete Appointment

 Karma Screen  Delete Appointment  pop-up

Karma Screen Delete Appointment pop-up

This is your best option if you just want to banish this potential from your existence. No feelings will be hurt because they won’t know. 

Accept Appointment

Hold it there! Their details will need to be screened first before any commitments are made.

Simply click on their name to open up more of their info.

Client Details

 Karma Screen Client Profile

Karma Screen Client Profile

Don’t Freak Over Low Rating

When they have a low rating of an F, along with no history of rejected screenings, it’s ok.

Karma Screen’s system doesn’t have enough verified info on this new client, so they’re automatically failing. After screening, you’ll either accept or reject them. Your choice will become their new & legit rating for Karma Screen.

 Client Info via Karma Screen

Client Info via Karma Screen

Not Verified

Again, don’t freak over the Not Verified details. Simply use Google & other research tools to screen them to your best judgement.

Client’s References

 Client References via Karma Screen

Client References via Karma Screen

Clients can either verify with their employment info or with references.

Be sure to check that the email address actually belongs to the provider!

Judgement Day

If screening went well, then you can happily accept their booking. You can go back to your dashboard and hit Accept.

Client Approved

See? If you go back to your client’s details, you’ll see that they’re now approved and their rating is no longer suspicious!

Escort Screening

Now, that you’ve whitelisted your client by accepting their booking and approving them, when they screen with another provider’s ScreeningMate form, their rating will be much more higher.

 Karma Screen Client Rating

Karma Screen Client Rating

Now, this other provider that the client booked for, won’t feel weirded out since the client was  whitelisted by you. The other provider should still screen though!

Karma Screen’s Privacy Policy to read how verification info is stored and used.

Additional Tool

Karma Screen & ScreeningMate are cool, but I like them because they’re quick to fill out and it’s great clients trying to book via mobile. The form is super mobile friendly. 

As always, be safe!