Improving Your SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is important, but many people don’t have a great idea other then they need SEO.  So what does SEO mean? It’s how a computer looks and ranks your website according to criteria.  Well, what is that criteria? Well, it is a constantly evolving answer! However, we will try to cover some general and specific things to help improve your SEO.

Are you connecting your site to Google Analytics? If the answer is no, then it is really hard to see how your site rank is improving without some sort of automated tool. GA provides some helpful in the box information for you. The problem is you have to tie it to a real Google account, so you may not want to do that depending on where you live.  

SEO Centro –  Offers a number of tools that help break down content and information into a digestible state with somewhat helpful information.  They limit the search Lets take a look at
SEO Centro’s SEO Analyzer – If we put in one of my URL for my ‘About’ page (, we can glean some information about the page and where we can improve:

  SEO Centro's SEO Anaylzer Tool

As you can see Heading Tags has taken over the old keywords meta tags for relevance for the page. The heading tags weren’t really good keywords for the page but that can be improved upon.  It is helpful to break down key parts of your site.  

Browseo – Phoenixx

It’s also useful to help break down how a search engine looks at your site. This helps you make better and informed decisions about how to market your site.  

When advertising on other websites such as Backpage, be sure to include your email and phone number. It’ll improve search engine results and prevent some of those awful scraper sites from popping up when a potential client searches your phone number! Also, If you are doing more advertising on other sites make sure to include those sites in your links in your footer or some other helpful place.  That way the backlinking to sites that link to you help increase your own site ranking.  

SEO is such a multifaceted problem that attacking it from just one angle can give you some impact; however, fixing all the underlying issue will give your site the boost it needs.  Figure out who your core audience is and make sure you give your site more than just a basic amount of info.  Make sure you are using the words in your summary or description throughout your site.  What I generally recommend is that you figure out 10 key words or terms you are trying to target for yourself.  

Escort, Provider, Ebony, NOLA, New Orleans, Independent, etc. for what I try to have in my description and my site and then I rank them in order.  The top 2 words I want to make sure I mention 10 times somewhere in my site and include it in at least 2 header tags.  For the rest try to mention them at least 2-3 times on the site and at least once on a header tag somewhere on your site.  This will give good cross linking between your description and your “keywords” IE words in header tags and content on your site.  This will dramatically improve your search results for those words.   

Site performance is taking an increasing bigger factor in site ranking according to Google’s latest blog:
Using Page Speed in Mobile Search
SEO Centro’s Page Speed Analyzer – Use this to analyze your website’s pagespeed.
Google Analytic’s Page Speed Analyzer 

Numerous providers use Squarespace, but the site itself is really bad at optimizing images. I have to save them locally, and re-sample them to export the images to a less detailed JPEG format.  (future blog post but if you just Google reduce image size it should help you find what you need). Some of the background images used for Squarespace are full size images so sometimes what you don’t think is a big image can be huge.  The last thing you want is for someone to skip your site because it loads slowly!

Your site is going to help attract the clients you are looking for.  Are you looking for longer or more romantic dates?  If so, include date ideas and maybe some simple packages to focus around those dates.  If time is more limited and you are trying to focus on 2 hour encounters then try to focus less on longer dates and tweak your pricing structure to make 2 hour dates more attractive. This is your business, so make the best out of what you want from it!