How to Be Anonymous Online Part I

Becoming More Anonymous Online

Encrypted emails, private virtual networks/servers, etc. Many have been adjusting to the new changes since FOSTA/SESTA was signed into law. 



  Image courtesy of  Recode.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his testimony earlier this month
Image courtesy of Recode. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his testimony earlier this month

Civvies are also tarting to become more aware of online anonymity ever since the recent Facebook data melt down. 



  Image courtesy of  Wall Street Journal
Image courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Oh, and let’s not forget this Twitter thread on how Google is the devil when it comes to internet privacy. 


There’s a helpful website by the name of Becoming Anonymous. It’s basically a 5 day guide on how to protect yourself from being tracked and whatnot by various platforms such as Facebook, Google, etc.


The first day to gaining more anonymity online begins with erasing all of your stored data on Google. Google stores everything from your YouTube history, location points, your advertisement persona, etc.

Google offers an option to download all of the data it stores about you. I’ve requested to download it and the file is 5.5GB big, which is roughly 3 million Word documents!

— Adam Hadar, creator of Becoming Anonymous

3 million Word documents consisting of someone’s stored Internet data. All processed by Google! Creepy as hell.

How to Minimize Google’s Creep Factor:

Becoming Anonymous then gives a few ways to decrease your life being broadcast live for Google: 
Delete stored data

  • Go to your Google Activity
  • Click on Delete activity by and choose all time and all products
  • Click on submit to delete all the data they stored on you on all their major apps

Delete “personalized” ads targetting

  • Go to Google Ad Settings
  • Click on the button to disallow ads personalization
  • Confirm

Disable reporting location on your mobile phone

  • Whether you are on Android or IOS you can go to the settings and disable the location reporting. This will avoid Google and other companies knowing where you are at all times.


  Image courtesy of  The Guardian.  Protestors during Mark Zuckerberg's trial regarding FB's privacy policy
Image courtesy of The Guardian.  Protestors during Mark Zuckerberg’s trial regarding FB’s privacy policy

They (Facebook) are also one of the frontrunners in AI experimentation which is scary knowing their end goal is to make you so unhappy and anxious that you need to be 24/7 glued to Facebook.

— Adam Hadar, Becoming Anonymous


I’m going to be biased on this part since I hate Facebook, and I’m proud to say I haven’t touched that website since 2013. I knew out of all the social media websites, Facebook was the biggest privacy culprit. So, none of this, including the recent Cambridge Analytica hack, is not surprising to me at all. Also, people need to be much more aware of how their data can easily be traced, and how to minimize these risks!


OK! So, Day 2 talks about the joys of Facebook, and how they store what you may like based on every single one of your past likes, they store every time you log into FB, they store the applications that you’ve connected to Facebook, etc. 

Now, having both Facebook & Messenger installed on your phone has proven FB to be even more insidious. FB is able to save all your calls, who you spoke to, all your conversations, your location at all times, & the list goes on! 


Delete Facebook forever.

Dude, seriously. I personally haven’t used FB since 2013, and I don’t use any form of social media in my personal life. My Twitter & Switter accounts are the only two platforms I use. I began using the internet in the early 2000’s as a preteen before the dawn of social media. I honestly think that’s why I’m so opposed to using it. I thoroughly enjoy my privacy, thank you!


Hadar’s Tips to Minimize Facebook’s Creeping: 

  • Hide any real information like name, birth date, etc
  • Don’t post on public comments
  • Go to your phone and app settings block FB to access your maps
  • Go to your Facebook profile and settings and see which apps have access to Facebook, revoke access to any app that is requesting access to your private Facebook information (i.e. Cambridge Analytica used a quiz game to get information on users)
  • Delete all your photos and videos
  • Make your profile private so only your friends can see it
  • Delete strangers from your “friends”

Part II Coming Up for Days 3-5!

Becoming Anonymous