YesBackpage is Backpagecredits

This page was last updated on August 2, 2019.

NOTE: I have absolutely no intention of summoning the community to band together and raise their weapons to annihilate YesBackpage. The prominence of this lies within my findings that showcase YesBackpage's relation to the infamous Backpagecredits; however, YesBP portrayed continuous unethical behavior during my investigation. Witness below to see how YesBP handles crisis communication over one blog post that potentially harms their reputation. This unbiased post openly displays their deceit and overall immorality resulting from their own actions. Viewers are strongly encouraged to develop their own opinion upon conclusion. Thank you.



Backpagecredits Scam

Backpagecredits has a new website, YesBackpage.

They were notorious for scamming and offending escorts. 

YesBackpage Ripoff Report

BackpageCredits Ripoff Repor

“They are operating illegally and then charging upwards of 200% over fair market value or more on top of that while using deceptive practices to lure unsuspecting buyers into thinking they are purchasing Backpage ad ‘credits’”

— Dinbit, Shady Websites Targeting Inexperienced Bitcoin/Backpage Users

YesBackpage's Backpagecredits Email

YesBP emailed me again crying over the post calling them out; however, take note of the email address they emailed me from:

Google to read the scams associated with this both this website & email address.

Google to read the scams associated with this both this website & email address.

Google to read the scams associated with this both this website & email address.

Backpage Bitcoin Thieves

“Your claim we emailed you from help@bp-credits this am is an outright lie.”

— YesBackpage's tweet to me during our public feud, 11:42AM on July 27, 2018

Links below to reviews from consumers who were scammed by YesBackpage's previous company, Backpagecredits.

Backpagecredits Thieves

Backpagecredits Scam Review

““should I guess who in the f*** you are? DO you think if we “stole your money” we would answer a help email? Do you think that by accusing us of stealing we are gonna jump up and help you? if you want help I suggest you POLITELY ask for it... and follow f***** directions... identify who you are, when this happened, how you paid, the email... you know... all the stuff the site says to provide if there is an issue. But if you wanna send dumb emails with dumb accusations that are false... just f*** off.””

— Backpagecredits email response to a scammed customer. December 2016

Backpagecredits Ripoff Review

“1. Backpagecredits and Bitcoin4backpage are obviously the same company/owner.

2. The company apparently doesn’t exist.

3. The websites are unsafe and unsecured (one does 4. have a SSL certificate) with PCI violations.

5. The company is operating illegally

6. Operating an illegal financial exchange

7. Operating an illegal money service business

8. Transmitting money with an money transmission license

9. Violating terms of service of payment providers

10. Commiting fraud

11. Falsely advertising services and conditions”

— Dinbit, Shady Websites Targeting Inexperienced Bitcoin/Backpage Users

Backpagecredits Scam Report

Backpagecredits Reddit

Insightful Read

Shady Websites Targeting Inexperienced Bitcoin/Backpage Users

Post FOSTA & Digital Sex Work

“Post FOSTA tech pimps finally thriving in a new America.”


YesBackpage's First Ripoff Report

“This is the last time we will bother contacting you directly regarding

the slanderous and false claims you make on your website.”

— YesBackpage's Threat sent on July 26th at 3:59PM form their South Carolina location

Proven Facts Aren't Slander

Show's over (doubt this will be the last time you'll contact me from your numerous aliases).


Yesbackpage Debunked II

“But if you force my hand, things will get VERY ugly fast.”

— "Samir"'s Threat to Me, Sent July 27, 2018 at 8:39AM.

YesBackpage Threats

Back in June 2018, I wrote a blog post about YesBackpage being Backpagecredits. I wrote this blog post because I was irritated at how YesBackpage was promoting their website as being associated with the now defunct Backpage. 

Also around the same time of my June blog post, I was upset at YesBackpage lying about not being Backpagecredits (when I just proved above that they are in fact the same entity), lying about having an offshore hosted website, etc.

YesBackpage did not like my comments about their company. So, the first email they threatened me with was on June 22, 2018 at 2:49PM:

Yesbackpage promoting themselves as if they're the new defunct Backpage, and they get called via Twitter during their promo launch

YesBackpage's USA Servers

YesBP recently moved their host to the Netherlands after I called them out for not being offshore on my YesBackpage Debunked post that I posted on July 14, 2018. YesBP's servers were still in the USA. Los Angeles, to be exact:

Also: URL Scan - July 14, 2018

YesBackpage's Various Aliases

After YesBackpage moved their servers to the Netherlands, they began to email me from different email addresses associated with them pretending to be randoms.

“...we ask you cease and desist all attacks and remove mention from your webstie, before we are forced to take action.”

— "Siddiq"'s First Threat to Me, Sent June 22, 2018 at 2:49PM


This dude right here:

"Siddiq" is the head developer of YesBackpage. Read The First Threat, Revised. He ends the June 22nd email with his name, job title and company LOL.

This email address is associated with 


“Your post the 26th with false and incorrect infornation, slander and libel is still up. And your tweet just now shows how you want to play this. Good luck to you. You are going to need it. Remember, you could if stopped this.”

— "Samir"'s Second Threat on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 12:28PM after his first threat earlier that morning at 8:39AM.

Here's a screenshot of the website from January 18, 2018. They sold Backpage credits. They sold Backpage credits. They sold Backpage credits.

Yesbackpage Fake Ads

Some of YesBackpage's ads are fake since they posted them themselves..

FastBPC is owned by "Siddiq" who works for YesBackpage, and take note of FastBPC's phone number below:


Take note of that 747-201-4101 number....

fastbpc+yesbackpage+scam.png is a domain owned by YesBackpage.

"SIDDIQ"'s Other Domains

Here are more domains owned by "Siddiq". I highlighted a suspicious one.

No ties, eh? Read it All:  The First Threat, Revised.

“We have no other ties to backpagecredits.”

— "Siddiq", Head Developer of YesBackpage. His email to me on June 22, 2018 at 2:49PM.


Finally, YesBP proved that they are in fact the scamming & offensive company, Backpagecredits.

On July 26th at 3:59PM, YesBP emailed me another threat to take down my YesBackpage Debunked post from this email address:


(Google this email to see all the scams associated with it)

Google to read the scams associated with this both this website & email address.

Google to read the scams associated with this both this website & email address.

YesBackpage Can't Handle the Truth

The above email proves that YesBP & Backpagecredits are the same entity based on them sending me another threatening email from that email address, and then ending it with a YesBackpage signature. 

Bro, stop lol. It's you. It's okay. We know now who y'all are now lol.

NOTE: I'm usually a private person and like to keep my communication private; however, after YesBackpage's continuous threats, I decided to showcase our altercation for the public to witness. I wanted everyone in the community to see how YesBP was so preoccupied over ONE blog post airing their dirty laundry.

YesBackpage's 505 number

YesBackpage once block called me three times late at night when I was touring in Houston. After I rejected those three calls, I then received a phone call & text from a 505-433-9562 number. This number is associated with YesBP.

The 505 number that kept calling me

Oh. That same 505 number is linked to YesBP

CardingGiant are whack ass cyber criminals

Yesbackpage on OurHome2

I recently dropped a screenshot of YesBackpage private messaging me via Our Home 2 proving that they are Cardinggiant (notorious criminal network). 


Why is YesBackpage on Our Home 2?

My YesBackpage Debunked post also reported a messed up situation regarding a bunch of providers in Austin, Texas where there were numerous fake ads floating around, and YesBP is to blame because their email registration is NOT secure. 

No Email Verification

They do not verify email addresses, so it's hella easy to just go on to their website, make a false account and post away!


No verification was needed after I created my fake account on YesBackpage. That's dangerous, and it just opens an easy door for SPAMMERS!

All Talk

YesBackpage makes claims that they have developers that work with BeenVerified, Reddit and such; however, if your site is rundown along with no email verification, then those claims are hard to believe.

“They (YesBP) didn’t help me at all. I had to hack the account to take them down. I was furious.”

— Provider, who was attacked with fake degrading ads on YesBP

Email Proof

One provider was able to get her fake ad taken down after she logged in with her email address that the perpetrator used to create the fake ads on YesBP.

YesBP never answered her complaints, so she had to resolve the issue herself.

Fake Austin Ads OH2 Hysteria

Here's a gallery of the messed up incident that happened, and how YesBP didn't help.

At all.

“They all said that the girls did bareback and always cheap rates betweenv 40 bucks and 80 bucks. Some said all holes welcome and send dick pictures, etc. Put our numbers and emails on them.”

— Provider, attacked with fake ads on YesBP

Escort who had a fake ad on YesBackpage.

Escort who received no help from YesBackpage when she had a fake ad.


Our Home 2 Forum

Here's a link one of the threads discussing the whole ordeal:

Whoever Did This is So Fucked Up

YesBackpage "Extortion"

Something was off about this email....

I just didn't believe it, and this dude also had an ad posted on YesBP.


(so, the email was probably sent to me by YesBP since I proved earlier that they post their own ads with their FastBPC phone number: 747-201-4101.)

YesBackpage Cyber Stalking

YesBP continuously checks my website via Google search. They use the keyword 'yesbackpage' to check on their brand's reputation to make sure no one is talking, but I am talking, telling and shouting their BS all over. 

I have banned many of their IP addresses from Bangladesh, South Carolina, Vegas, etc. since they all use the same pattern of visiting via Google and ONLY viewing my one and only blog post dedicated to YesBP.

“Remove the content attacking us immediately, or we will initiate legal action that will cost you money, time, your website, and more.”

— YesBackpage's Threat to Me, sent on July 26th at 3:59PM.

YesBackpage doing their reputation management by stalking my website. :P

YesBackpage's South Carolina IP Address

Here's one of their IPs from South Carolina that sent me the threatening email from their email address.


Again, look at the dates & times.

The threatening email from their email address was sent on July 26th, 2018 at 3:59PM....

Read it All: YesBackpage = Backpagecredits

YesBackpage Banned, but Determined

This IP has also tried to visit my website numerous times after being blocked: 


Screenshot was taken July 29, 2018 at 1:55PM.

"Siddiq"'s Bangladesh IP Address

Remember in the beginning when I told you about the bro who emailed me masquerading as some random, but it turned out he's associated with YesBP himself? 


YesBackpage's Siddiq trolling, but failing admirably.....

Yeah, I have his IP address banned from my website as well.

Located in Bangladesh and straight from Google Search....


NOTE: I have recently banned the entire country of Bangladesh from my website since majority of YesBackpage related IPs keep visiting here.

Yesbackpage Facebook Reviews 

Look at YesBP interacting with the naysayers...


Profanity and overall rudeness can ruin your reputation in the professional world...

The vulgarity continues below.

Another naysayer below screaming, "Scam!"


More YesBackpage Facebook Reviews

YesBackpage & Dangerous Users

A month ago, a Reddit user posted about a horror encounter with YesBackpage.

The user detailed how they simply contacted an escort on YesBP turned into a difficult moment of endless threats & taunts from an alleged pimp.



YesBackPage - almost got murdered using this site (no joke) still very scared

YesBackpage Scams (Continued)

Scamion is a website where people can report deceitful companies or rave about reputable business.

YesBackpage got the short end of the stick...

YesBackpage review on Scamion

YesBackpage Ripoff

YesBackpage recently received a ripoff report on an infamous venue that also contains numerous Eros complaints. 

YesBP Ripoff Report

Yesbackpage Demise

Form your own opinion based on everything discussed above. 

I wanted to prove that YesBackpage was the heinous company, Backpagecredits, and I did that. The email they sent me on July 26, 2018 at 3:59PM with the email address proved it since that email is linked to Backpagecredits.

““We support sexworkers world wide.” ”

— yesbackpage

yesbackpage supporting sex workers worldwide via Gmail.

yesbackpage supporting sex workers worldwide via Gmail.

These are examples of YesBackpage's whorephobia and outright rudeness when they were previously BackpageCredits....


You Don't Tell...

Also regarding the numerous threats that YesBackpage continuously sent me, they clearly do not know the old rule:

"You don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."

Nothing More to See

However, as we can see, a series of other unfortunate events also popped up regarding YesBackpage. 

Show's over.


I sure did. Thanks boo xoxo