Clients: How to Verify Escorts

This page was last updated August 3, 2019.

Clients, Please Screen Your Escorts

Post-Backpage era requires more research & effort to finding a good companion.

Post-Backpage era requires more research & effort to finding a good companion.

Avoiding Escort Scams

I have been hearing more & more clients experiencing bait & switch, blackmail, scams, etc. than ever. It’s becoming more frequent and it’s alarming!

Here’s some tips to hobby safely.

Contact Info

Look up their phone number and email to see if more ads come up or their website.

If more info comes up, good! Now, the next step…

Verified Ad/Profile

Look at the venue you’re on! '

Some websites allow us to verify ourselves for extra proof that we are real! Massage Republic, Escort Ads, Escort Directory, CityXGuide, Eros, etc. are a few escort directories where we can have ads or profiles say “Verified” or “Real Pics”

  • If your escort is verified on a directory, you’re good! We usually have to send in our IDs or recent photos matching our photos in our ad to verify

Examples of My Escort Verification

  • Be aware of the term ‘verification’. Some sites verify us based on current looks or age. Later, I list the venues that verify by age or photos!

P411 Verified

If your escort is P411 Verified, then you’re golden! In order to become P411 Verified, we have to have top notch reviews and a good reputation in the community

My P411 verification status.

My P411 verification status.

P411 ALTERNATIVES: Have We Met?, GFEDating, PrivateDelights

Escort Reviews

Check for reviews from any of these forums:

  • Review boards: ECCIE, TNABoard, Grain Belt News, Indys, BestGFE, Independent Girls, GFEDating

    • PrivateDelights is new, but it has potential to become the new nationwide platform for escort reviews/verification

    • Erotic Monkey is notorious for stealing our pics, reviews and ads from other websites. Please either use that site with caution or never at all!

If NO reviews, then look for their website and/or social media

  • Their website should be nicely put together and not look rushed or quickly made with few pages, words, images, etc.

  • Their social media should have them interacting with others a bit along with ads and fresh content

    • If their social media page is bland or just ads and pics with barely any interaction, then steer clear!


Welp, if your escort has at least 2 out of the 4 things mentioned above that looks good to you with no sense of suspicion, then go for it! Be sure to also have a phone convo before meeting to make sure they are the person behind the ad…

‘Menu’ Checklist

If you’re a client who’s curious about specific services, then your best bet would be to search PrivateDelights.

PrivateDelights has search filters to help clients leave out providers who do NOT do specific services.

PrivateDelights search filter

PrivateDelights search filter

NO List

This feature is helpful if you’re seeking a specific service!

You’ll find a provider’s NO List near the bottom of their ad. After their Bio and before their Attributes.

A provider’s NO List is on their PrivateDelights listing.

A provider’s NO List is on their PrivateDelights listing.

Age Verification

Proof of age is mandatory on these venues in order for escorts to advertise from these venues:

Here are other escort directories where escorts can verify their age by choice. Their ads/profiles will stand out and say ‘Verified’, “Real Pics’:

Photo Verification

Here are venues where escorts can verify with a recent photo by choice:

Two more quick ways to help avoid bait & switch:

  1. P411 Verified

  2. Active social media pages with recent daily or weekly pictures/videos.

Please Note

Clients, please understand that escorts are also experiencing turmoil during this sudden shift in our community.

Violence has risen and business has gone down as much as 60% for many escorts. Many of us are dealing with time wasters as well more than ever before too.

So, please know it’s not just y’all experiencing the bad.

It’s pretty bad for everyone everywhere…