The Erotic Review's Announcement

TER Comeback & FOSTA Lawsuit

“Two human rights organizations, a digital library, an activist for sex workers, and a certified massage therapist have filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to block enforcement of FOSTA, the new federal law that silences online speech by forcing speakers to self-censor and requiring platforms to censor their users. ”

— Electronic Frontier Foundation "New Lawsuit Challenges FOSTA"

It's awesome that groups such as Electronic Frontier Foundation are challenging and actively trying to end this new detrimental law from (FOSTA) harming the sex work community any further. 

ECCIE, USASexGuide, and....

Where's The Erotic Review? Everyone else is relaunching! Well, The Erotic Review (TER) are keeping a very close eye on this lawsuit. 

TER Admin's Thread

“TER has always operated within the law, and it takes FOSTA very seriously.”

— TERAdmin

FOSTA Repealed?

I have a feeling that FOSTA will be repealed for sure. Dangerous laws have been passed before, and then quickly revoked once their true harm is shown! The internet has had a few laws, mostly relating to child pornography. Once these laws were passed, they had devastating and censorship like qualities on the web.

Now, history is just repeating itself as usual with FOSTA.

The Erotic Review Relaunch

If FOSTA is repealed, then TER will definitely relaunch very soon. Most are predicting TER's revival will occur in August.

Time will tell.