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 Switter makes another milestone!

I haven't been writing much of anything Switter related lately since I was busy on my 'History of Backpage' blog posts recently. Now that I've concluded those, time to get back with the Switter posts hehe.

Weekly Popular Toots: New Feature!

 Screenshot of the weekly popular toots of Switter

Switter now has a new feature where users can go look at the most popular toots from the current week. 

Access it here: Popular Weekly Toots

Bugs, Connectivity Issues

The team is still working on issues within the Switter community, and donating to the team always helps!

Donate to Switter

Users can donate by either Patreon or Liberapay. Links below:

Assembly Four's Patreon

Assembly Four's Liberapay

Assembly Four is a social enterprise building communities and tools for minorities.

— Assembly Four's mission statement

Enjoy! :)

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