Slixa Banned

Slixa Banning Escorts

Slixa has become a bit more strict with their policy and all; however, they have become a bit more harsh to escorts with reasons unrelated to their policy. Slixa also increased their rates for their advertisements after FOSTA passed; however, numerous escorts complain that Slixa is bloody expensive with no return! 

Refunds = Ban

If an escorts asks Slixa for a refund, they will threaten them with a ban. Here's a link:

A provider tooting on Switter about how Slixa threatened to ban her over a refund.

My Email to Slixa

I got the the threat too since my ad never went live (I will tell the details of that story as well), and I accepted that ban! My ad never went up, so of course I want my damn money back!

So, I took my money back and got banned. :D

More Slixa Bans

Slixa Verification

Now, for the reason that my ad never went live was because of my verification. 

I previously advertised with Slixa in late 2017, and I passed the verification previously with flying colors! 

However, during my time with Slixa, I was aggravated with their rules and such. I would exclaim on social media about how I was quickly beginning to dislike this venue. Finally, I deleted my account. 

It's now 2018 with a new & scary law that's trying to make us all disappear, I started to post on more & more venues. I decided to give Slixa another go. I created my account and then I proceeded with the verification process. I failed the verification.

HOWEVER, look at my verification photo back in December 2017 to the one I did last month.

Please note that I passed the 2017 verification too!

"Next" to Your Face

What's the difference between my 2017 & 2018 verification photos?!


Take a look at this smartass email below from Slixa regarding my verification.

"....'next' to your face."

Just Plain Petty 

So, why did I keep failing the verification process second time around?

I sent my verification photo like three times until I finally got fed up when Slixa had the audacity to be a smartass in the last email about my failed verification.

Note: Slixa is supposedly run by an agency, so this petty move isn't surprising.

Fuck Slixa

So, after that email, I was done.

Slixa is simply an agency. An agency would pull moves like that. Not a decent advertising host! You really think a legit advertiser would get upset and ban over a refund? Get real.

Moving on.

Slixa Ad Rate Increase

Slixa increased their prices for their ads after the new legislation passed. They announced these new rates via email to their advertisers, pictured below.

Slixa's Isn't Highly Demanded nor Scarce

Seriously lol.

It's funny that Slixa raised their rates a bit, especially when their ads are notorious for not generating income.

Look at the provider poll below from Twitter. to to

On April 13, 2018, Slixa changed their domain to because of the new legislation and all. 

They announced it via social media and everything. It was simply a way to keep their website a bit more safe from any kind of prosecution in regards to the new laws, FOSTA/SESTA. 

It didn't last long though.

Slixa quickly (and quietly) went back to 

Note: To this day, Slixa still hasn't announced why they changed their domain back to .com.

To Each Their Own

If Slixa is working for you, then great! We all have our own opinions, and my opinion is that I despise Slixa  based on my own personal experiences along with others who experienced the wrath of Slixa.

Slixa Will Never Be Eros