PrivateDelights Escort Ads & Reviews

The New Era of Online Escorts

FOSTA/SESTA caused detriment to majority of digital escorting due to censorship. Many escort venues, primarily advertising platforms and review boards, went dark.

FOSTA Devastation = Creation of a New & Different World

We are literally living in a much more different world in the escorting realm. Amidst all the struggles, we are all managing to slowly adapt to these quick changes!

Out with The Old, In With The New

FOSTA's passing destroyed many websites that either helped with escort safety, verification, etc; however, new websites began to emerge during the mayhem.One in particular stands out: PrivateDelights.

On the afternoon of April 12, 2018, I was in Los Angeles waiting to board my flight when my best friend texted me: “NightShift is gone. For good.”

— PrivateDelights, The Origin Story

PrivateDelights Escort Reviews 

PrivateDelights launched in May 2018 in response to the shutdown of NightShift, a popular escort venue that dominated the California market. PrivateDelights has escort reviews, escort ads & listings, client screening and chat rooms for both escorts & clientele. PrivateDelights is nationwide throughout the USA, and it is steadily gaining momentum. 

PrivateDelights Escort Verification

On PrivateDelights, escorts can get verified in two ways:

  1. Government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport
  2. P411 credentials (preferred)

  If you're a provider still waiting to get verified by PrivateDelights,   please email me   for a vouch!  PrivateDelights prefers verifying escorts via P411 since they understand that many escorts are hesitant to hand over their IDs. Especially with these new harsh laws. Having P411 verified providers is an advantage for PrivateDelights since P411 escorts are required to have good reviews along with proof of legal age via ID to get listed on P411. Clients who use P411 generally have no complaints of P411's providers, and they are mostly deemed reputable.

Privatedelights Escort Reviews

Our thesis is that reviews are good for the ecosystem, if done the *right* way.

— PrivateDelights, The Origin Story

PrivateDelights method of posting escort reviews benefits the provider while helping clients seek a legit service.

No Explicit or Personal Details

Clients will get banned if they even try to post a heavily detailed review with or any personal identifiable info of their encounter with a provider.PrivateDelights wants their reviews to be more focused on the overall experience that the client encountered with the provider. The provider's attitude, professionalism, safety, etc.

Note: Curious clients looking for certain acts can simply look at a provider's No List at the bottom of their listing! The No List helps clients know what the provider does NOT offer.

Reviews don't have to be long either, nor is there a minimum required. Reviews can range from a simple short & sweet sentence to paragraphs of complete admiration of a decadent experience.

Instead, the focus of reviews will be more on the overall experience of the interactions.

— PrivateDelights, The Origin Story

Provider Replies

Providers are strongly encouraged to respond to their reviews! PrivateDelights wants their review system to be helpful for both escorts & clients. Clientele can see how escorts interact with their past clients via their response, and providers can get a general idea of a client's attitude upon meeting an escort from their writing of previous encounters.

Privatedelights Provider RevieW Advantages

The Three Main Review Advantages for PrivateDelights Providers:

  1. Providers don't have to worry about rude review comments from people who weren't even present at the encounter.
  2. Providers don't have to worry about receiving a low rating simply for not performing a certain act.
  3. Ultimately, providers have the choice to respond to their own review. No one else. Only them.

Detailed Provider Listings

The listings that providers post on PrivateDelights are unique to competing escort platforms. Provider listings include all the necessary info for clients such as: 

  • Rates/Donations
  • Pictures
  • Incall/outcall service
  • Their bio
  • Their reviews
  • Their method of screening
  • Their schedule
  • Their No List of unavailable services
  • Their attributes such as piercings, tattoos, etc.

PrivateDelights Unique Listings

What other escort review platform includes all of these details on their provider ads? Exactly.

Provider Search

The Search feature can either be basic local search for nearby providers, but clients can also incorporate various specifics within their search by simply adding more filters. Results of listings from a local search of providers near me. Their availability, number of their reviews, review specials, and location are also listed.  PrivateDelights search filters designed to specifically search for particular escorts!

Provider & Client Chatrooms 

Chatrooms via Discord are available for providers and clientele.

Chatrooms can either be provider-only, client-only or include both types of parties. 

Members can even create their own chatroom via Discord that can still be accessed by other PrivateDelights members. So, a member could create a community chatroom for their city that includes both providers & clients!

Simple Design & Features

PrivateDelights website theme is simple, yet pleasing to the eye. A major plus is that it's not trashed by numerous adult ads such as other review boards.

Nice & big photos on escort listings, simple white background, and other little details that make up the design creates a favorable view.

Privatedelights Profiles

Both providers & clients can create their profile on PrivateDelights.Provider profiles include their bio, reviews & other city listings if they're touring! Meanwhile, client profiles have their past written reviews along with their bio and any public contact info such as email or phone. Clients can choose to publicly display their email or phone number.

PrivateDelights Future

PrivateDelights took most of its design & features from the now defunct Nightshift; however, NightShift was only popular in California. Yet, PrivateDelights is slowly becoming more national attention from both escorts & clients.I think it has potential to grow and become a nationwide escort review platform.

The Benefits

PrivateDelights allows providers to respond to their reviews along with no other commentary from outsiders. Provider listings are convenient since they include enough details and info for clients. Escorts can post multiple listings for free. Escorts can simply check off undesirable services on their No List to show potential suitors services that they do not offer!Escorts can use PrivateDelights as one tool for client screening, and clients can definitely use the website for their own escort screening.The website is hosted offshore to keep it safe from any FOSTA related legal troubles. 

The Ruling

With distinct features that could potentially alleviate most of the toxicity that permeates within escort review culture, PrivateDelights is a progressive and provider friendly platform.