PrivateDelights Verification

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PrivateDelights Slow Process

Are you a provider still waiting to get verified on PrivateDelights? 

If your answer is yes, then let's quickly get you verified with these steps!

Two Options

To get verified via PrivateDelights, providers need to email PrivateDelights ( with ONE of the options below:

  1. Picture of their government issued ID or passport
  2. Preferred 411 (P411) credentials

PrivateDelights Prefers P411

If you're a provider who's currently verified via P411, then please email your P411 number and profile link to PrivateDelights.

Age Verification

If you're a provider who is NOT on P411, then please email a picture of your government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport to PrivateDelights.

Note: Providers can also send a link to their website, social media or one of their ads along with their ID/passport.

PrivateDelights Email 

PrivateDelights Contact Email:

Note: The subject of your email should be Verification or Provider Verification!

Provider Vouch

If you have already sent either a picture of your ID or your P411 info to PrivateDelights, then your request is probably backed up in their queue.

Way backed up lol...

PrivateDelights Escorts

If there's an escort in your area that's already verified, or even better, a provider that you communicate with in general that is already on PrivateDelights, then ask them to vouch for you!

Note: Hell, feel free to email me for a vouch! #hoes4hoes xoxo
(please also include a link to your website, social media or one of your ads)

Vouching Process

It's hella easy! 


Please make sure the provider you're vouching for has already emailed ALL the required verification information (ID picture or P411) to PrivateDelights!

Provider Vouch

If you're a verified provider on PrivateDelights looking to vouch for another provider, then email the following info to PrivateDelights (

  1. Provider's Stage Name
  2. The original email address that the provider used when they sent their verification info (this is how PrivateDelights quickly finds the unverified provider's information in their queue)
  3. A link to ONE of the following:
    1. Provider's Website
    2. Provider's Social Media
    3. Provider's ad on a reputable escort advertising platform
  4. Lastly, the subject of the email can be:
    1. "(provider's name) Vouch" 
    2.  Always have the word Vouch in the subject! (make it easier for PrivateDelights since they have tons of emails)

  Hope to see you become a verified provider on PrivateDelights! xoxo

PrivateDelights Response

After sending the vouch email, PrivateDelights generally responds in the evening during the week! So, be sure to watch out for that reply. :)

Note: Expect no response during the weekend.

PrivateDelights Verified Provider

Hopefully, my post helps to get any provider who's patiently (or anxiously) waiting to get on PrivateDelights! 

Note: You're always welcome to contact me here!