PrivateDelights Reviews & Screening

Aiming to be the Best Escort Site

“I was in Los Angeles waiting to board my flight when my best friend texted me: “NightShift is gone. For good.”

— PrivateDelights, "The Origin Story"

Note: NightShift was a popular escort/client review and ad website in California!

Reviews & Rules

“Our thesis is that reviews are good for the ecosystem, if done the *right* way.”

— PrivateDelights, "The Origin Story"

Nothing Graphic or Personal

PrivateDelights is an escort review website, but intimate and explicit details regarding the escort encounter is not allowed! Here are rules regarding escort reviews:

"At PrivateDelights, we have strict rules in place when it comes to leaving reviews:

No personally identifiable info (addresses, names etc).

No graphic details about intimate acts." 

Read More:PrivateDelights Blog: "Examples of Reviews that Follow the Rules"

“Instead, the focus of reviews will be more on the overall experience of the interactions. When providers respond to reviews, they’re also guided to do so in a similar manner.”

— PrivateDelights, "The Origin Story"

Private Delights & Review Culture

client reviews, provider replies & screening

Reviews are usually the main source of screening on this platform. Clients read reviews to make sure the provider is legit, and the provider reads the client's reviews along with contacting the reviewed provider, if they need more info.

the basics and the no's

Provider's reviews on PrivateDelights can help clientele with the with the important details such as if they're safe, reliable, legit, etc. 

If a client is looking for something more detailed, then they can scroll down to the bottom of the provider's listing to their NO List. (I discuss more of this later!)

Read More: PrivateDelights Blog "The Origin Story" Medium

Client Screening

When a client is interested in a provider, they can click Get Screened on the provider's listing. The provider will receive the client's profile which includes the client's handle, email & phone number. 

Note: Providers do NOT receive a notification when clients send their screening info via their listing! Clients, you have to notify the provider personally whenever you send the provider your profile

Client's Reviews

Providers are more than welcome to use the client's past written reviews of previous encounters; furthermore, providers can contact the reviewed provider for more info on the client, if necessary.

Escort Verification

Active providers on Private Delights have a nice big green Verified Provider sign on their profiles. If a provider doesn't have one, then their account isn't active yet. They're still awaiting verification.

“Verified Providers

Every single provider on PrivateDelights is P411 (or alternate method) verified. No verification = no posting on our site.”

— PrivateDelights Homepage

Preferred 411 Verified

Most of the providers on Private Delights verified their legitimacy through their P411 credentials, and P411 verified providers are usually well-liked by clients. If a provider is not on P411, then one alternative is legal ID for age verification.

Escort Reviews & Responses

Clients can verify escorts via their reviews. Clients can also read the provider's response to their reviews to get a sense of their attitude towards clientele. 

Escort Ads & Listings

Free Advertising & Touring Ads

It's free to advertise, and if you're touring, you're more than welcome to post listings in those areas as well!

The NO List

Providers have a NO list of activities that they do not engage in. This list can be helpful for clients trying to find specific encounter!

What's Next

“This is just the beginning for PrivateDelights.”

— PrivateDelights, "The Origin Story"

Future Features

According to their blog, PrivateDelights has these upcoming features that will be seen in the future on their website: 

  • Co-ed forums for providers and clients to mingle with each other

  • Secure, 2-way verification (better than what’s currently available through other sites)

  • Dedicated ‘specialty’ areas on the site (greek, fetishes etc)

  • Custom digital content that providers can create and charge clients to subscribe to access

  • Anonymous payments (you’ll *love* how we do this)

Read More:PrivateDelights Blog "The Origin Story" Medium