Posting a #SWlisting

Switter Listings

The listings feature on Switter now has 15,000+ listings from providers worldwide, and listings are increasing everyday as more & more use the feature to promote their services. 

 15000+ swlistings & counting!

Switter Listing Rules

Switter just created a new set of rules for the listings to stop explicit ads with sexual services and other obvious obscenities that were rapidly showing up within the Switter advertising realm. 

 The new rules can be seen on the Listings page when creating a new post


  • Only providers can post.
  • 3 maximum listings daily (if a provider abuses this & overlists, they'll be suspended)
  • No explicit language or acronyms describing sexual acts
  • No violence, racism and other offensive language allowed in listings. 
  • No using terms such as 'young' or anything else that can be perceived as underage.
  • Avatar profile is required to post a listing!

It's nice that Switter created rules for their most popular & helpful feature! 

How to Post a Listing

Posting a listing via Switter is simple! It can done in two ways. Listings can either be done by simply adding the #swlisting hashtag to your toot, and they can also be created with the 'Post a Listing' feature on the Listings page.



 The #swlisting hashtag is important!

To post a listing using the #swlisting hashtag, simply add the hashtag to your toot along with your location, contact information and a brief description of yourself.



The #swlisting is the most crucial part of your listing since this hashtag is the one & only hashtag that helps client find providers via Listings. 

 Switter showing how to line info correctly in listings


key elements

3 Important Things in Listings:

  1. Your Location
  2. Your Contact Info
  3. #swlisting hashtag

Each of these need to be on a separate line of their own on your listing!

Look at the image on the right as an example.

Adding #swlisting hashtag ultimately brands your toot as a Switter listing, and the hashtag will also help your listing trend!




Post a Listing via Switter Listings

Either typing the link or clicking this familiar text below will access the listings feature:

 The link to access Switter Listings


After clicking the links to enter the whimsical realm of Switter Listings, your screen should look similar to this:

 Switter's neverending realm of provider listings

You should now be in the Switter Listings realm and there are already numerous listings posted and others that will be posted as soon as we go to a new page. 


At the very top, you'll see two buttons below the search bar.

One says 'Search' and the other says 'Post a Listing'.

Click 'Post a Listing'

 The first parts of creating your listing

The rules for posting a listing will be displayed right above this form displayed in the photo above. 

Fill in the required info such as your location, contact info & your description!

I filled it in with my general information as an example:

 Posting a #Swlisting example

I put my location, my website address as a form of contact, and I'm leaving the description generic for now.

So, click 'Next' at the bottom after filling out your info.


This is the final page for designing your listing. 

This shows us the basic template of an #swlisting which includes description, location, contact & the hashtag all on their own lines!

This is the page where you upload an image to your listing.



Three icons are seen in the bottom left of the text box. 

The camera is what you click on to upload an image.

The globe lets you choose how you want your listing/toot to be seen.

The CW means content warning & it can used to hide words.


Explaining the icons more

 Clicking 'CW' will prompt you to write a warning that'll show as a warning for your hidden text  Public timelines are both local & federated timelines. Unlisted means your listing isn't searchable. You can post it for your followers only or directly message it.

uploading photo to my listing

 Along with my upload, a new icon appears. This icon can either mark my photo as sensitive material.  When you mark your media as sensitive, then your image will be hidden from users until they click it to view it.    Marking your media is strongly encouraged for nudity and other provocatively themed images.

HASHTAGS in your description

I added a description that's basically a call-to-action to book me along with numerous hashtags to describe myself & my services. 



Switter is NOTHING like Twitter when it comes to hashtags. The more hashtags, the better! 

My hashtags include location, type of appointment, various boards, my services, and they describe my appearance.



When a toot has numerous hashtags, it's helpful for the Fediverse for users who are looking for something very specific. Mastodon is huge on making their users feel unabridged! So more hashtags helps users discover more ideas, interests, different people, etc. 

Your Switter listing is basically a toot masquerading as an advertisement.

Furthermore, I'm certain that most of our clientle are searching for specific qualities, features, etc. when it comes to choosing a provider.  So, the more descriptive, the better.

don't get too crazy

Too many hashtags can make your listing look spammy though, so keep it to a slight minimum.

Use hashtags to:

  • Describe your services (FBSM, bodyrubs, GFE, fetish, roleplay, BDSM, etc)
  • Describe your type of appointments (incall/outcall)
  • Describe your appearance (curvy, slim, brunette, raven-haired, tall, busty etc)
  • List more adjectives (luxury, VIP, elite, sexy, bombshell, goddess, etc)
  • List any past directories/boards you were on
  • Your location as well even if it has a nickname. NOLA is the nickname for New Orleans, and I usually add #nola in my listings.