How to Use Switter Listings

Switter Listings


Switter introduced their 'listings' page after the demise of Backpage.

1. How to Get to Listings

The homepage of my Switter account. I horribly highlighted the area where you can go to find the listings! 

Click on the link in the highlighted area that says, "Want Listings? Go to"

2. Switter Listings

Voila! Welcome to Switter's listings page. Yes, it looks confusing! It really isn't trust me. 

At the very top, you'll see the search bar. Search for your location, type of appointment such as incall/outcall, etc. 

Once you learn how to utilize this feature, it will be a fun website for you!

3. Location

For our location, I'm going to type 'new orleans' in the search bar.

After I hit: 'Search Listings' this what we get for New Orleans:

Our first result is Audrey Amour's listing that she posted on Switter, and there are other listings of course when you scroll such as Ezale Baptiste, Jade K, etc. 

Audrey Amour's Switter

Jade K's Switter

Ezale Baptiste's website

4. SpecificS

Now, that we have our location, are you looking for a particular service? You can specify by simply spacing each keyword, and you can separate them by commas as well. 

I'm going to add 'gfe' to our New Orleans search

Here is what we get for New Orleans GFE on Switter Listings:

Audrey Amour, Ezale Baptiste, and Amina Nawaar are our New Orleans GFE specialities!

Amina Nawaar's Switter


You can get more & more specific with more keywords. I'm going to add 'incall' to our New Orleans GFE search

The results of our New Orleans GFE Incall search:

If you're looking for a New Orleans GFE incall appointment, Audrey Amour & Amina Nawaar are your options via Switter Listings! 

They used the keywords #neworleans #gfe #incall, so that's how they showed up.

6. Getting even more specific

The more keywords you use, then it'll lessen your results. This is helpful if you're looking for a particular service or detail from your desired provider.

 I'm going to add 'escort' to our New Orleans GFE incall search

The results of our New Orleans GFE Incall Escort search:

Amina Nawaar & Audrey Amour are again our only two choices ha.

Again, the reason our results are so slim because we're using more & more keywords to specifically find a provider.


I'm going to finally add 'pse' to our New Orleans GFE Incall Escort search.

The results of this super detailed search:

Amina Nawaar is our one & only result for this very specific search!

If you're a client who is on a quest to find a provider catering to a specific need(s) of yours, then don't be afraid of adding more keywords to your search!

It will help narrow your search, and it'll be easier to navigate finding the provider of your choice.

broaden your horizons

Don't just search your city! Search your state, search surrounding cities, etc. Try adding a tour or touring keyword along with your location keyword to see if any visiting providers are coming to town.

Is the Listings the Only Way to Find Providers?

No! You can simply type certain keywords in the basic search box that's located above the link to the Listings page.

difference between listings search & basic search

Listings can only be posted by providers, and they all have the #swlisting hashtag to label it as a listing. 

So, when you're searching for providers using the search on via Listings, all of the  results are providers who are promoting.

basic search results

Using keywords such as location, type of service, etc. in the basic search function can still generate results from providers; however, you'll also get results from clients who are probably tooting with a question or something related to your keywords. You also might even get a search result from another instance within the Mastodon network!

Ultimately, Listings generate quicker & better results since you're not differentiating your results between providers, non-providers, extras from the fediverse, etc.

Still Confused?

At first, Switter can seem like a chaotic jumbled chatroom with everyone shouting from all corners of the room. 

From a client's perspective, Switter can become easier to manage once you know how to navigate & use the features, learn the terminology, etc.

Becoming better acquainted with the Listings will definitely ease the chaos since you'll know how to find local providers. Then from your local providers, you'll find more & more users from your area. 

More of Switter Here


Providers, it's not true that you have to limit your hashtags on Switter since Switter is an instance hosted on this huge network called Mastodon.

Mastodon is free, federated & open compared to their rival Twitter. The reason why there's a 500-character limit (compared to Twitter's measly 100 something) is to make users feel unabridged. More words allow users to discover more ideas, interests, different people, etc. throughout the entire Fediverse!

More on Mastodon Here

The More Hashtags, The Better YOUR DESCRIPTION

Most clients are searching for specific services, features, etc. when looking for a provider. So, providers add those descriptive hashtags that describe yourself & your services!

Good Hashtags to Use Here


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Australia's Privacy: Decrypted

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