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 Have We Met's definition of  verification  via their home page.

Have We Met? is a provider created and owned website. It's main purpose is for escort and client verification, but not based on reviews. 

The Verification Guide

Have We Met? was previously named, The Verification Guide, but they had a makeover along with a name change. 

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks is an icon in the escort industry, and has authored popular books relating to escorting since she was an escort herself. 

Verification without incrimination.

— Amanda Brooks, Verified vs Reviewed

She came up with an idea for a verification type website where both the escort and client answer a simple questionnaire after their meeting. 

Have We Met? was born.

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Verified vs Reviewed

How It Works

I'll show you how this innovative concept works out with screenshots included.

Have We Met?'s Verification Process

I'll use Irresistibly Ivy's profile as an example since she has the 'Verified' badge and all.

Verified Escort

 Ivy's Have We Met? escort profile. Certified verified escort.

The Verification Questionnaire

 Have We Met's simple questionnaire asking to prove the validity of an escort.

Escort Verification

The picture above is a screenshot of the questions that a client would answer regarding an escort and their validity. 

The escort would answer a different set of eight questions to verify their client.

Client Verification

 The escort's version of their questionnaire to verify their client is safe, honest, respectful, etc.

Safety, Hygiene, Respectful

Escorts answer an eight question survey with important questions relating to safety, hygiene & respect with boundaries.

Verified Listings

 Ivy's list of verifications.

Have We Met? Verified

After completing the questionnaire, both the escort & client will receive a verification and a verified badge on their profile to prove their validity.

Some Important Notes

Work Safe

Have We Met? is work safe, so no lingerie, bikini or other revealing photos. Users have to be clothed and not scantily clad. 


Users aren't asked for their IDs which is a huge plus given the heat surrounding online privacy nowadays.

Free, Bitcoin for Upgrades

It's free to post your profile and ad on Have We Met, but upgrades need to be paid with bitcoin or another alternative provided.


Yes, they are hosted offshore!

Verified & Safe

With Preferred 411 taking down their advertisements and verification in 2019, Have We Met? could be a nice alternative for escorts & clients to verify one another. Escorts can prove their legitimacy without a review detailing illegal activities, and escorts can further prove the legitimacy of clients too. 


Have We Met?'s website

Amanda Brooks - Verified vs Reviewed