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  GFEDating - Adult Dating & Verification Services.  Preferred 411 alternative for escorts & clients seeking a reputable and recognized service.

GFEDating Verification


GFEDating is a low-cost verification service that is used by both escorts and clients worldwide.

The website is reputable! It has been around for awhile, but it's getting more attention due to the numerous website shutdowns from FOSTA. 

 GFEDating's logo.

Escort & Clientele Verification

This website offers verification for both escorts and clients.

Escorts register as Provider, and Clients register as a Member. Government issued IDs are submitted from either a Provider or Member to receive verification and approval by GFEDating's small team.

Note: Escorts on GFEDating aren't required to submit their ID, but escorts have the option to become ID Verified if they wish to further prove their legitimacy by submitting their ID to GFEDating.

GFEDating Payment

   CURRENT DEAL:  Now until August 15th, providers & clients who sign up today get their first month free!

GFEDating's service is not free; however, their service is highly affordable as well! If you follow their Twitter, they usually have great deals and promos.

GFEDating's Escort Features

GFEDating's website has a nice design and it's easy to navigate.

 GFEDating's homepage.

GFEDating Escorts

Escort listings on GFEDating include details such as the escort's name, location, picture, details and their rating from past clientele.

 Example of GFEDating escort profile using Katrina Jade's profile.  Peek at GFEDating's  Provider Rating  feature.

GFEDating Escort Ratings

Clients can checkout a provider's rating to get an idea of their professionalism, timeliness and overall experience based on past clientele's ratings.

The rating system is easy to use as well, and it's less time consuming than writing out a long detailed review. 

GFEDating ID Verified Escorts

Pay attention to the image below of GFEDating escort listings. Notice the ads that say ID Verified on the top-right hand corner? Take note!

Note: It's not mandatory for escorts to become verified via ID. It's a free add-on feature for escorts who wish to further prove their legitimacy to potential suitors!

 GFEDating Chicago escorts. Notice the  ID Verified  detail!

GFEDating Client Verification

 Partial display (mostly cropped) of GFEDating's Provider Portal for  Provider  accounts. It's user-friendly and easy to navigate.

GFEDating's provider portal for escorts comes equipped with a personal 'NO' List for escorts and a public global blacklist. 

A Personal & Private NO

Escorts on GFEDating have a private feature that enables them to list GFEDating clients that they don't want to communicate or meet with. This personal list is only accessible by the provider, and this list can only be viewed by the provider themselves.

Note: A harmful listing from a provider's personal list can be added on the Global Blacklist to further protect other providers.

GFEDating Global Blacklist

The blacklist system on GFEDating includes clients who have been deemed either unsafe, harmful, suspicious, etc. by any of the providers on GFEDating. 

The blacklist can be accessed & viewed by any provider using GFEDating.

GFEDating ID Verified Clients

It's not mandatory for escorts to become ID Verified, but it's a requirement for clients who are seeking to utilize GFEDating's services.

So, escorts on GFEDating have personal lists for annoying clients, a global blacklist for unsafe clients and the cherry on top to all of this is that they also have clients who have been verified by members of GFEDating's staff via government issued identification.

Note: I believe P411 & GFEDating are the only two escort venues that require IDs from the clientele since these websites brand themselves as verification services.

GFEDating Escort Friendly

 GFEDating keeping their website open for escorts during the beginning of the wrath of FOSTA.

GFEDating has been deemed as provider friendly, and they even kept their website open for escorts during the brutal beginning of FOSTA.

Note: During the beginning of FOSTA, GFEDating even had a promo for escorts who signed up during the month of April were granted free semi-annual listings until the end of 2018. (this is the promo I'm currently using heheh)

Escort Safety

GFEDating takes escort safety seriously, and they will quickly handle complaints of any harmful behavior from members on their website.

GFEDating Twitter Promo

GFEDating Twitter Profile: @GFEDating

In addition to escorts and their advertising, GFEDating will gladly promote escorts on their Twitter to generate more awareness of an escort's brand and services!

 #GetVerified via    GFEDating    today.

P411 Alternative

GFEDating can be used as a P411 alternative since it offers client verification for escorts and escort advertisements for clients to view. Clients also get to view escort ratings and (optional) ID Verified escorts to determine an escort of their choice.