Fake Ads on Switter

This page was last updated on November 30, 2018.

How to Avoid Fake Switter Ads

Switter was an overnight success when it first began, but now its ambiance is getting filled up with fake ads & provider profiles!

Here’s how to identify the fake ads & hopefully REPORT them!

NOTE: Switter’s moderation team is small, so please report the BOTS when you see them!

Email Address

If their ad only contains an email address (primarily Gmail) as a form of contact, avoid it! Especially if the email has random numbers in it or explicit!

If they seem legit, then Google search the email to see if more ads from other venues come up!



If their ad contains acronyms or other graphic language relating to sex, then avoid!

Broken English

If their grammar isn’t that great or just sounds totally off, avoid!

The Exact Same Wording

Look at the images below for this explanation….


Here’s what to look out for:

  • Using the same pics over & over

  • Using images of different people as one.

  • Using professional/photoshopped photos that look too good to be true

When in doubt, always use Google Reverse Image Search!


If the rates listed are incredibly low for the hour, AVOID!


If the ad contains one or more of these hashtags:

  • #cleansex

  • #diseasefree

Also, avoid if the ad contains these hashtags altogether:

  • #ddf #fuck #suck #pussy

  • #expert #serveme #massage

  • #stripper #milf #bodyrub

Examples above fake ads with similar hashtags!


Follow @Gongzero to stay informed with current bot accounts!


Please report fake ass Switter accounts when you see them!

Be safe everyone!

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