Eros is Not Offshore

EROS - Not Made in Switzerland

Many still think that Eros is in Europe, and our data is safe & sound!

It's not.

Eros was born and continues to thrive on US soil. 

Bolma Star Services Raid 

The Department of Homeland Security's epic 2017 raid at the supposed call center, Bolma Star Services, had the escort world shook since this call center is linked to Eros.

“The hours are great and the pay not too shabby. If you enjoy looking at nude/semi nude models you will love it here!”

— Former BSS Employee's Review, Glassdoor

Bolma Star Services formed in 2016 to help clients with customer service and call center related work; however, employees couldn't help but notice the elephant in the room.

“...everyone there knew we were selling sex.”

— Former BSS Employee, ABC 11 News

Eros was operated through this American company as employees handled all the calls & emails from advertisers on Eros while also moderating their content on their advertisements. 

Greg Huling is the owner of Bolma Star Services. He's also the owner of Group Kaitu LLC which is another entity linked to Eros. Huling refused to speak to the press during the raid. 

Group Kaitu, Eros, Huling

False Reassurance

Safe Data in Switzerland

Our data on Eros is not hidden far away across the Atlantic. 

Even if it were true, it wouldn't matter because The Cloud Act. This allows the US government to intervene another country's data, even if the data is hosted offshore in that country. 

Offshore doesn't matter anymore. If it's hosted on US soil, it's liable for seizure by the government. 

Stay Safe

Maxine Doogan had a list of ways to alleviate the fear & tension rising from the raid. 

Eros Website Altogether

Maybe Eros plans to move their operations overseas, who knows. However, after the recent SSL issue, we do know that they're either anticipating the end or keeping their domain open, mindlessly.