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This page was last updated on August 6, 2018.

Our Hosting And Domains have no connection to America. They are Adult friendly. They are pro free speech. They are in SW legal countries. They are owned by Non Americans and are not and should not be affected by FOSTA.

— Crockor via Twitter

Crockor Classifieds

Crockor originated in Australia, and it was created by a sex worker! I always remember the community saying, "We need a SW created advertising space," and other synonymous terms. 

Now, we have it.

But It's Not Popular in the USA?

So? We can change that, ya know? See:

 The ball is in our court! We can make it more visible and reputable.


Crockor was created after the shutdown of Backpage's sister site, Cracker. 

 The now defunct Cracker classifieds

Cracker Seizure

Cracker was mainly popular in Australia, Hong Kong and Dubai. After the shutdown, many SWs in Australia faced difficulties just like many of us here in the USA after Backpage's demise.

Crockor's Popularity in Australia

 Crockor Australia taking off in the Alexa rank

Crockor grew extremely popular in Australia since that's where it hails from. There are now over 3000+ adult service advertisements on Crockor Australia. It's also highly ranked on Alexa even during its short life.

United States of Antarctica


 United States of Antarctica homepage. USA free classifieds.

Australia made a section for American advertisers! United States of Antarctica! 

Post Your FREE Advertisement

It's gaining momentum. It's FREE. The more attention we give it, then the more noticeable and more aware others will be of its presence. 

 May 17, 2018 - Crockor's Alexa rank  May 31, 2018 - Crockor's Alexa rank.  2 weeks later.

Some Months Later...

 August 6, 2018. Everyday, more & more American escorts are becoming aware of Crockor.

SEO Your Advertisement!

After posting your free advertisement, ask Crockor via Twitter through direct message that you want to be put on their SEO list. They'll SEO your ad via Twitter to get it more visible! Link below:

Crockor's Twitter

Report Fake/Stolen Photos

 Fake content? Report it to Crockor!

Crockor tries hard to keep fake & stolen content off their classifieds. Again, shoot them a message via Twitter if you see anything fake, stolen or just flat out peculiar.

Crockor's Twitter

More Reasons to Post on Crockor

The choice is yours, of course! I just wanted to fully demonstrate why American SWs should use this free source for advertising. I hope it helps!


Note: Crockor doesn't want to be seen as a Backpage alternative; however, the alternatives I list in this post are platforms that have free classifieds for escorts to market their services!