Buy Bitcoin via Cash App

Bitcoins and Cash App

Bitcoin is confusing for many, and it can even be a bit expensive since mainstream markets have high minimums for buying bitcoins.

However, buying bitcoins via Cash App has no minimum, and it’s simple!

No Minimum, No Problem

You can purchase bitcoin for a $1 and more!

After purchasing bitcoin, you can then withdraw your bitcoins to person’s or a company’s bitcoin wallet.

Identity Verification

In order to withdraw bitcoins, you will have to ’Enable Withdrawal’ via verification. Cash App just asks for a picture of your face and your ID (maybe your SSN too if you didn’t order your cash card) After submitting that, it’ll take a few hours to process!

PrivateDelights Bitcoin

I’m going to demonstrate how to pay for an ad on via Cash App with bitcoin!

  1. Start with PrivateDelights

Clicking on the images will give an explanation of what to do first!

2. Go to Cash App

Leave PrivateDelights open and log into your Cash App via web or app.

I’ll be demonstrating via the app.



3. Finish with PrivateDelights

Almost done! Just need to finalize one last thing ’ upon returning to PrivateDelights.


Providers, you’re welcome to contact me!