Adult Payment Processors

 It can be tough for adult entertainers to find a payment processor that won't turn them down. High risk merchant providers are welcome to help though!

High Risk Merchant Account

It would be nice if payment processors such as PayPal treated all businesses the same; however, they don't. 

Is Your Business High Risk?

 Chargebacks from clients are common for many escorts using credit cards as a payment option. Image courtesy of  Lendvo.

Yes, if you're an escort looking to implement credit card payments, be aware that your business is high risk! Escorts are related to adult entertainment category of businesses. Adult entertainment businesses are at high risk for chargebacks, or they may sell products or services of a questionable cause.

Trust me, mainstream payment processors don't want to deal with the headache of constant chargebacks and whatnot. vs. PayPal's logo. Image courtesy of  Swipe Payments. is a PayPal alternative for many. It has been known to be a bit more lenient to adult oriented type business such as escorts. 

Fraud protection, online payment and mobile payment are some of Authorize's features.


Avoid Fake High Risk Merchants

Unfortunately, there are predators out there lurking to catch their next desperate victim who can't find a payment processor to accept them. These guidelines should help determine a processor's credibility: 

  • Their Terms & Conditions: Many processors will have their terms & conditions, contracts, etc. lurking somewhere in the public eye. If you can uncover their these documents, read them very carefully and pinpoint any ways where the company can scam you!
  • Their Online Reputation: If you're able to find positive reviews, then good; however, if they're bad or you can't find none, then avoid! Be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau as well since they're a consumer protection based entity. 
  • Their Website: Finally, if their website looks outdated, like you can literally hear the dial-up sounds from the 1990's as you glare at their homepage, then avoid! A reliable business will have their shit together. Especially their online image via their website! 

In general, do diligent research on a company before talking business. Especially when it comes to your financials!

 Diagram of the merchant account process. Image courtesy of  Merchant Maverick.

The Best High Risk Merchant Accounts

The businesses listed below are brilliant for high risk payments based on public reception:

More High Risk Card Payment Options Here!

Best Business Practices

Square, a mainstream payment processor that isn't adult friendly, but they had a nice article with ways to avoiding charge backs. 

Best Practices for Accepting Card Payments


My vanilla business is used for my payment processor to implement certain payments. I'll occasionally take cards for deposits, but I'll rarely offer it as a full payment option. 

Policies, Business Contact Info

With my alternate business, I either send an invoice or one of my forms for deposits.

I make the invoice legit with my business name, address (you can buy a virtual address online), phone number, and email address. I also make sure to brand the invoice a distinct number/ID as well to make it look more legit. 

Finally, attach or add your cancellation policy on the invoice and then send it!

Payment Forms

The important things to have on payment forms to help alleviate chargebacks: 

  • card holder's authorization
  • proof of service

Only one is needed.

I just do authorization and require an electronic signature from suitors. I also state that their signature is authorizing my business to charge their card for whatever amount. 

6 Months

When they submit the form, I create a PDF of the submission and keep it for about 6 months to avoid any future mishaps such as a chargeback!

Again, make sure to have a cancellation policy somewhere visible!

Vanilla Risk

If you're willing to take that vanilla risk with these vanilla payment processors than be sure to keep this important things in mind:

 Having a cancellation policy helps.

  • Get a Business Account
    • (especially if you're going to risk using PayPal)
  • Get an LLC
    • (I believe there's also another way to get an EIN number...)
  • Invoices/Credit Card Authorization Forms
    • (Personally, I would go by sending invoices or payment forms. It's a bit more safer than using the link. You won't have to worry about clients writing something offbeat in the little comment/memo area such as the link has).
  • Sending invoices with:
    • your business name
    • business contact info
    • phone, email, business address (you can get a virtual one) 
    • your cancellation policy
  • Make the invoice number look unique if you want extra brownie points ha
    • I would use initials, 3 random numbers and then use the letter D at the end to indicate that it's a deposit
      • Ex. PHXX520D
  • Website
    • (Yo, only go this deep if you really want to. I personally made a website for my other business hehe).


  • Especially if you have an LLC, yes!

Possible Solution

Again, don't take what I said above as complete immunity from the wrath of PayPal and other adult unfriendly processors. 

It's just my opinion to help those that still use these mainstream processors...

Adult Ads & Payment Solution

In relation to both finances and adult entertainment, USA escorts are dealing with the government trying to close their bank accounts. Escort Ads has a helpful post about a great option for escorts looking for an alternative to pay for their advertisements without risking their bank info via debit/credit card. Link below:

Escort Ads: Online Payments - A Solution for Entertainers

Be sure to check out my Adult Payment Alternative too!