GDPR Compliance

With Europe’s new laws regarding internet privacy and data, I only wrote this out since I have occasional European visitors. 

Other providers are welcome to use this since I re-worded it from a major company hah.

+ Your Information

  • Booking & contact information – When you contact me, book a meeting, prescreen via my encrypted forms, your Personal Data will be collected for verification purposes. You’re required to provide your name, phone number, email address and other types of identification information to complete your desired request. Rarely, further data will be needed to complete a booking or prescreen.

  • Browsing information – When you access and browse my site, information is collected such as what device you’re using, your general location, any keywords you used for the site search, how long you were on a page.
    Note: if you are a Google visitor, information about your keyword use is collected.

  • Information about your friends and contacts – If you provide Personal Data such as name, email address, mobile number about your friends while booking or prescreening, I will collect and use your friend’s information for verification purposes. Then, their information is discarded after they verify.
  • Information about you from third-party sources – I obtain information from third-party sources such as databases & data providers.
  • Other Information – I may collect more information from you when you via email or text.

+ Why Do I Retain Personal Data?

I retain Personal Data for verification requirements and for marketing purposes. If you’re providing me with a reference for verification, then your Personal Data may be retained for a longer duration upon waiting for their approval. After verification is complete, I only keep two sources of your Personal Data, name & email, in my offshore database. Everything else is deleted unless you desire to text. If you prefer to text, then your number is stored in my phone. For marketing purposes, your Personal Data such as IP is tracked to see which website you came from, how long you’re on a page, and where you exit. These elements are used to to see how you found my website, which pages interested you and finally where you depart my website. Knowing how you found me and what you seem to like helps me invest in websites that stimulate traffic and develop a sense of what interests you!

+ How Is Your Personal Data Processed?

To contact me, book, prescreen:

  • Communicate with you about general inquiries
  • Determine & discuss the date, duration & location of our meet
  • Authenticate your access to VIP status within my website
  • Conduct screening and other forms of verification to evaluate any harmful or inaccurate information

Squarespace analytics; track your traffic source & duration of your visit

JotForm; email validation & SMS confirmation to prove ownership and prevent spam; encrypted to further protect your data

+ What Else Should You Know?

Changes to this GDPR Policy
I may revise this GDPR Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our business, the Sites or Services, or applicable laws. The revised GDPR Policy will be effective as of the published effective date.

If there’s any substantial changes, I’ll announce via social media or on my ‘Announcement Bar’ on my website.

Transfers of Your Personal Data to Other Countries
Third-party provider, JotForm, stores and Process your Personal Data on their European servers. After verifying, I store your Personal Data, for future reference, on SafeOffice’s Cyprus servers. When your Personal Data is transferred to other countries, I will protect your information as described in both my Privacy Policy & this GDPR Policy. By using my Site, you consent to your Personal Data being transferred to other countries, including countries that have different protection rules than your country.

+ Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about any questions about my GDPR Policy or more information about Personal Data.

Email me: [email protected]