Frequently Asked Questions

Basic questions that most escorts get asked.

+ Where are you based?

New Orleans, Louisiana.

+ Do you travel?

At the moment, no.

However, I am available for FM2Y meetings.

+ Are you available right now?


Please give me at least 6 hour notice for same day appointments!

+ Why is your incall rate higher?

In order to host, I have to get a private space for us. So, that’s an additional expense.

You’re always welcome to host to save yourself the extra cost!

+ Do you see couples, women, disabled, etc?

I’m friendly to all respectful folk! :)

+ Can I leave you a review?

Of course!

I prefer to be reviewed on PrivateDelights.

+ For outcalls, do you have any refreshments that you prefer?

I only ask for a bottle of water.

Dasani, Aquafina, Fiji, etc. any brand is fine!

I like to stay hydrated hehe.

+ Do you enjoy what you do?


I see it as a customer service type of work that comes with numerous rewards and high risks. I have good days, bad days and that’s normal.

However, being in this industry also makes one marginalized due to the stigma. I’ve personally dealt with more discrimination within these last 2 years working this than my whole 20+ years of life as a minority.

That really says something…