Helpful Touring Tips

Where to advertise? Where to stay? Best cities to tour? Touring can be fun, but pretty stressful to plan at times! So, for touring nationwide USA, I made a list of all the regions along with the best advertising websites for states of those areas. There’s also a link to hotels and a few helpful traveling tips. Enjoy!


Top National Websites

Use these nationally known websites combined with the popular websites of a specific state for some good advertising! If there are no specific websites listed, using the websites below will be fine:

Eros, The Erotic Review, Backpage, Postfastr, Postix, Twitter


Connecticut: BestGFE, Utopia Guide
DC: P411, Cityvibe, Adult Search, Escort Ads, My Provider Guide
Delaware: —
Maine: —
Maryland: P411, Avenue-X, Adult Search, My Provider Guide
Massachusetts: P411, Cityvibe, Adult Search
New Jersey: P411, BestGFE, Utopia Guide
New York: P411, BestGFE, Utopia Guide, Cityvibe, Adult Search, Escort Ads, Girl Directory
Pennsylvania: P411, Adult Search, Avenue-X, Indys
Rhode Island: —
Vermont: —

Best Tours: Boston, DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Hartford, Baltimore, Columbia, NYC


Florida: P411, Independent Girls, My Provider Guide, Cityvibe, Girl Directory, Avenue-X
Georgia: P411, My Provider Guide, Adult Search
Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas: ECCIE
Tennessee: P411, ECCIE, SouthernGFE, Avenue-X
Texas: ECCIE, P411, Adult Search, My Provider Guide
Virginia, West Virginia & the Carolinas: Avenue-X

Best Tours: Tyson’s Corner, Richmond, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Austin


Illinois: P411, Grain Belt News, Rate That Provider, RS2K, ECCIE
Iowa & Indiana: Grain Belt News, Indys
Kansas: —
Ohio: Indys, P411, USA Adult Classifieds
Missouri: P411, Rate That Provider, Adult Search, ECCIE
Minnesota: P411, Adult Search
Nebraska: & New Mexico: ECCIE
The Dakotas: Adult Hobby Guide

Best Tours: Chicago, Oakbrook, Springfield, Minneapolis, Bloomington, St. Louis, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Omaha, Fargo, Dickinson


Alaska: —
California: Cityvibe, Nightshift, P411, Slixa, My Provider Guide
Colorado: The Other Board, P411, ECCIE, Adult Search
Hawaii: —
Idaho: —
Montana: —
Nevada: P411, Cityvibe, Adult Search, Girl Directory, GFE Dating, My Provider Guide
Washington & Oregon: TNA Board, P411, Adult Search, My Provider Guide
Wyoming & Montana: Adult Hobby Guide
Utah: P411, Cityvibe, Adult Search, ECCIE, Adult Hobby Guide
Arizona: P411, Cityvibe, Adult Search, My Provider Guide

Best Tours: San Jose, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas

One Last Thing…

Escorts who use Twitter should try The Hidden Pages when they’re touring as well. They’ll constantly make ads regarding your tour via Twitter. 

Note: Every city is different! Different price ranges, different looks, etc. your mileage may vary when it comes to touring in specific cities. Watch out for the times of year you’re traveling and how much money you’re spending!


Trying to find which hotel to stay at can be stressful indeed. Most escorts usually do incalls at their hotels, and they want their guests to have easy access. Here’s a growing list of hotels that have easy access along with hotels that are a pain for guests:

Hotel Touring List

We’re adding more and more to this list, please feel free to email me with your suggestions! 

*** Avoid Airbnb while touring because they are partnering with people to be anti-trafficking: Airbnb Cracks Down on Sex Trafficking

Helpful Touring Tips

I found this list on Stripperweb forum. It’s just some helpful tips for touring girls such as good websites to book hotels, eating healthy, etc. I condensed it a bit though. 

  • Priceline is good for booking hotels. Look up various rewards programs for hotel chains! 
  • When summer traveling, buy small packs of condoms. Trust me– you will forget your condoms in the car, and the 100*+ heat is not good for them. So instead of risking busted condoms, just buy small packs. 
  • You will quickly learn to be organized on the road, or else your car trunk is going to look like shit and you’re going to have to riffle through it. To avoid this myself, I picked up three small luggage pieces (overnight bags) and every few days when they start to look crazy, I organize my jewelry, my undies, my makeup, and my work stuff. I like packing a work bag with my clothes and such and a personal bag so that I don’t have to keep lugging in my luggage every time to the different hotels. I circulate different clothes from my big luggage to my small luggage. When I’m REALLY on top of things, I have my dressy bag, and my casual bag. 
  • You’re making more money but you’re also spending more money. Look to CVS, Ulta, and thrift stores. Depending on how long you’re on the road, you will get sick of your clothes. Blowing $200 at a thrift store will likely give you more satisfaction and diversity than spending $200 at the mall. 
  • Try to keep healthy snacks around you or else you will likely eat like crap. Yelp can also help you find interesting restaurants around you.
  • Try to find people such as lawyers, people who work for a cell phone company (who can get you a track phone under a false name), and heck, maybe even a dentist. You never know when an issue occurs, and you’ll need an expert immediately.
  • Avoid hotel toilet paper if you tour a lot. The original author claims the toilet paper was not so nice to her vagina, and she stayed at numerous hotels. It might be a personal thing, but hey, you never know!
  • A few things that I think every touring girl should have on hand include the following:
  • Tea Tree oil: Great for butt bumps, spot treatment, BV and trich (when mixed with coconut oil and inserted)
  • Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut oil: Works as a lotion and a toothpaste in a pinch, helps with vaginal issues (see tea tree oil), or by itself as a sexual lubricant, or to ease irritation and dryness.
  • Note: oil can degrade latex condoms and create rips and breakage. If you do use oils down there, please make sure to use non-latex condoms.
  • D-Mannose: The best thing I’ve found for UTIs. Works nearly immediately. There was also an interesting study on horses being treated for UTIs while they were trying to breed, and they also found that horses being treated for UTIs didn’t get pregnant. I mention this because it’s an interesting anecdote. I only use it for UTIs.
  • Plastic needleless syringe: To insert tea tree oil and coconut oil. I prefer 3/7 tea tree oil to coconut oil ratio. 
    I am not a doctor. I am only writing what works for me. Do your research!
  • Hotel life will get boring. Websites such as Yelp can help you see events and festivities happening wherever you are!
  • Ear plugs. Total necessity for being at different hotels with different noise issues.
  • If you have long nails, buy lots of nail files and clippers and stock those so at any second you can correct a ragged edge.
  • Plan B: Having it in your work bag should an issue occur will help give you immediate peace of mind.
  • Having a spare towel in your car would be good if you re-dye your hair every couple of weeks, so you don’t get charged by the hotel for staining their towel. The original author talked about how she had an additional charge on her room from staining a towel with hair dye.

Source: Stripperweb