The Eros Ship Slowly Sinks

I believe EROS is a scam and they’re running on some sort of weird reasons on why they are shutting and banning girls from their site. NOthing I have done since 2013 has changed drastically. NOTHING.

— Goddess Diana, banned from Eros in 2015

Eros has been going crazy lately with the banning. Recently, they’ve banned numerous providers by the day. More than ever before. 

Many speculate that this is simply the slow demise of Eros just as Backpage slowly crumbled until its seizure in April 2018. 

Recent rules such as no more website URLs in ads, watermarked photos, etc. have been strictly implemented as Eros desperately tries to hold their head high during their reign. 

Why Providers Get Banned

No reason, really. It’s a just a big game of duck, duck, GOOSE! Tantric masseuses have been banned, new providers were banned before even having the chance to post an ad, etc. Eros will never tell any of us the reasons why they close our accounts since they simply don’t want to implicate themselves.


Various Tweets of Providers Banned Eros Accounts


Her voice was cold as she just said she wished me luck… Are you crazy lady?!! You just murdered my main source of income and banned me for life

— Devastated Damsel, An Excellent Innocent Customer Discarded like Trash after 8yrs, May 2016

They’re currently the last standing top escort platform for USA escorts. Before FOSTA, the top three escort websites were:

  1. Backpage
  2. The Erotic Review
  3. Eros

No more top three, or top anything as escorts continue to wait & find for the next big website to take off and save the day. 

Foreign Providers & Border Entry

Checkout: Your Rights at the US Border

This issue has actually been going on for awhile; however, recently this year, especially in April, an incident occurred where a British provider was denied US entry. It’s also rumoured that the border patrol officer told her, “That’s what Eros is for,” as they banished her from American soil.

Various Eros Related Tweets

Many of these foreign provider border entry denial stories are indeed true. A lot of talk about ti via Twitter from Canadian, Australian and Kiwi (New Zealand) escorts.

 Goddess Diana

Goddess Diana

Goddess Diana’s Eros Ban

Link: Diana’s Ripoff Report

This woman’s story always stuck with me for some odd reason. Upon reading RIpoff Reports, I continuously re-read hers after reading new entries of others getting banned on Eros.

At the time of her ban, Diana provided tantric healing type of services including yoni massages. No full service sexual services were provided by her, and that’s ultimately what got her banned from Eros.

The Eros Guide Banned me from Advertising because I am not an Escort I had my photos removed and all my text removed today from the legal department after paying for my ad this week.

— Goddess Diana

Diana Not Interested

Diana was on the phone with her account specialist. The specialist kept pressing on Diana to purchase certain upgrades for her ad such as GFE and other services that Diana simply did not provide. Diana declined all of the specialist’s offerings, and then, Diana was banned.

Lisa (account specialist) harassed me with upgrades trying to get me to purchase premium services, banners and other wasteful services that truly never made my phone ring ever

— Goddess Diana

This report was written in 2015, and Diana seems to be doing fantastic! 

I am going to assume I no longer fit into the mold that the Eros guide is now leaning towards.

— Goddess Diana, the mold being TER reviews, GFE escorts, etc

Ripoff Reports Excerpt

I’m going to pull a few quotes from various Eros Guide Ripoff Reports from providers ripoff reports

Eros failed to tell me anything on what I was linked to and I believe this is a RANDOM excuse they are using to scam girls and take their money or just getting rid of girls from the site. No one I know is linked to a closed account or banned from EROS.

— Mary Ruth, EROS ADS SCAM, April 2017

Eros guide requires massive untouched photos and personal identification in order to advertise with them. They escalate their requests for more and more personal information and drivers license and passports during the process.

— Marilyn, Eros Guide of Theft, August 08 2018

I’ve been with them for 9 yrs they first put me in temporary review then shut my account completely. I was asking her questions in regards of my account and refused to let me to speak to a supervisor this website is banning girls for no real reason something isn’t right.

— Marilyn, Eros Closed No Explanation, April 2017

Seems that Eroc likes to pretend they are only advertising fir escorts who speak common knowlegde wcode words for sexual services, but just try to be a massage practionor that gives legitamate massage and instantly banned for life.

— Miko, Eros Ads Banned July 2016

The very last person this should’ve happened to. Eros is the biggest most influential site that gets the most traffic which makes this very devestating. I had major plans to pay off my condo in 4yrs, now that’s gone as well as all the lost opportunities.

— Devastated Damsel, An Excellent Innocent Customer Discarded like Trash, May 2016

I was one of their biggest advertisers in NYC category, I believe and kept spending thousands of dollars with this company , they unfortunately monopolizing the industry of the adult providers advertising on the Internet.

— Danielle, Eros took my ads offline and lied, April 2010

Marathon hold times. Unhelpful customer service. Red tape and canned answers. Rigidity about doing everything to pinch every penny possible, including denying their own mistakes and refusing to refund.

— Victoria, Eros Guide Internet, March 13, 2010

Is the End Near for Eros?

Time will most likely tell that one, but for now, with all the other craziness going on in our community, we’re just going to pull through this for sure.

We’re escorts. We always adapt!

  Times may be tough and all, but if you're ever banned from Eros, please know that you'll be fine. You don't need that platform to be successful!

Times may be tough and all, but if you’re ever banned from Eros, please know that you’ll be fine. You don’t need that platform to be successful!