Avoiding Time Wasters

 Time wasters lurking within Switter's new milestone of 70,000+ users
Time wasters lurking within Switter’s new milestone of 70,000+ users

Time Wasters Infesting Switter

Providers are entrepreneurs. We are risk takers in search of profit, and time is very valuable! As an entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize and not spend your time with those who literally aren’t looking to spend their time.

Time wasters are everywhere on adult advertising venues, but they seem to be running rampant on Switter. Why? Because it’s new. New things usually provoke interest. So, the interested people search, find and pull up the newly hyped website so they can browse and look. 

Know how to spot the time wasting lookers.

They Ask A Lot of Questions

If they’re asking a lot of questions, especially through text, then they’re just looking for answers with NO intention of paying. If the first questions are either, “How much?” or, “Available?” Ignore. 

They’re Avoiding Screening

For providers who screen, if they’re just giving you the run around when the word ‘screening’ is said, please avoid. They clearly don’t care about what you need, and that’s important.

They Contact Through DM

Majority of providers have their websites listed on their profiles where a potential client can go look at for more info about them and their preferred way to be contacted. Time wasters go to a provider’s website for more pictures and other freebies. 

If you’re a provider who doesn’t want clientele sending them Switter direct messages, and someone interested in you sends you one, then ignore. Especially if it’s a question that can easily be answered from with your ads or website, and they clearly didn’t look. 

You can go further to changing your settings to having people that you don’t follow with no access of direct messaging you as well.

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They’re Giving You a Fire Drill

If they’re trying to meet you immediately, then listen to the alarms and ignore! 

Their inquiry is clearly not an emergency and when things are rushed, it’s VERY rare that they turn out with a desirable outcome. 

Who Contributes & Who Doesn’t

Many providers who still haven’t had any clientele yet are probably getting annoyed and even more annoyed with time wasters just looking for more & more freebies. 

Hopefully, there will be some way to differentiate clientele from lurkers. If a user had something such as a title that read ‘Contributor’ or another synonymous term on their profile, that could help providers. In order to receive this type of label, users would have to support Switter with donations. For now, avoid those who resemble any of the details mentioned earlier along with your intuition.